We must remember that at one time all of todays recognized/established breeds in other registries were once a breeders vision...
A designer dog.De

About the Designer Breed Registry
The  Registry started taking form in  1977 and was established in central New Jersey in 1979 by a small group of dedicated breeders who had an
interest in exploring the possibilities of creating new and exciting breeds of dogs. Many of that small group had several breeds and saw the potential
of combining the breeds and creating  magnificent working dogs, talented herding dogs, vigorous retrievers and smaller non shedding companions.
The breeding efforts attracted more breeders with other breeds who had similar interests. With ethical guidelines for breeding in place, reliable
breeding records were collected and saved. The next important step was to name the registry and in 1979 The Dog Federation was officially born
to those under 20 individuals who were pioneers into what would become the greatest dog digression in many years from the
establishment breeder behavior".
With many more breeders showing interest in developing new breeds The Dog Federation went public in 2007 and
took the name of Designer Breed Registry. Competition in all venues began  but in a very different way,by video, dogs were being judged by three
licensed  judges who rate the dogs not against one another but on the dogs' own merit in conformation and obedience, this was a totally new
process but very promising in that it was fair and unbiased.

Code of Ethics
Designer Breed Registry is dedicated to the breeder/owner and promotes the dog fancy and its constant evolution. The DBR also promotes
each individuals right to create new and exciting breeds as well as maintaining the highest standards in todays recognized and "established"
breeds. The Designer Breed Registry believes that fair dog legislation is for the benefit of all dogs but  should respect the breeder/owner
rights . The DBR promotes ethical practices in breeders and acknowledges that health testing the parents does not guarantee genetically
sound progeny. The Designer Breed Registry is adamant in it's stand against cruelty to any animal in any form.

Mission Statement
The Designer Breed  Registry is:
The  foundation  which will carry the Designer Dog Breeds into the future and provide,a valuable history of the past. The Designer
Breed registry is a registry that  is a stepping stone  to dog  knowledge.
It is the Designer Breed Registry's  mission:
* To maintain a registry for the designer dog and maintain the integrity of that registry.
* Provide educational dog information.
*Create  a breeder/owner friendly atmosphere within our registry and our  future shows.
* Encourage all dog owners of all breeds and unknown origin to have a safe environment for their dog.
* Promote responsible ownership.
* Promote canine health and well being
*Provide the dog world with dog information and dog news.
* Provide dog registrations for designer dogs as well as purebred dogs and dogs of unknown origin  and encourage breeders and
owners to further their dogs education  and ultimately gain titles offered by the Designer Breed Registry


Designer Breed Registry (here after known as DBR)  is a registry service providing registration papers which  
identifies the dog as the  breed offspring of a sire and dam, the gender, date of birth. as stated by the
breeder/seller on their application for registration or litter registration for purposes of registration with the DBR.
Any claim or disagreement that arises as far as breed or parentage from that application or registration the DBR is not responsible nor shall the DBR
be held responsible by either breeder, seller or owner.
The DBR is not responsible for breed information or guarantees given by breeder/sellers  as far as health or quality and or ancestry of the dog.  
The DBR is not affiliated with and does not license or endorse any breeders, brokers or pet dealers who may sell dogs that are registered or can be
registered with DBR including those listed on this site, the  DBR has no control over their business
practices and is not liable for the any dealings between any breeders, brokers, or pet dealers and their purchasers.The Designer Breed Registry also
offers a wealth of information through links to websites which have been provided on our
Informational Links page you can also contact the
registry by Email with questions you may have and we will do our best to find the answer.

Some Terms Pertinent to purchasing a dog or puppy:

BREED - a group of dogs presumably related through common ancestors who are consistent in type and consistent in producing the same type as
BREEDER - the owner of the sire and dam at the time of mating.
BREED STANDARD - a written outline describing a specific breeds appearance and  characteristics by which the breed is judged. Information on
a breed and all about it. Breed Standards are guides written by one or many more breeders and what is written is approved by the DBR, however
Breed Standards can and do change and especially so in breeds that are being created. In essence a Breed Standard is a guide.
CERTIFIED - tested and found to be capable of performing the tasks in that particular certification.
CONFORMATION - the outward appearance  and structure of a dog usually compared to a given standard written by those with knowledge of
that particular breed. Dogs that are shown in the conformation/show ring are judged on their conformation and movement.
DNA TEST- the mouth swab or hair sample collected to establish and record the genetic identity of the dog. Breeders registered in our Blue Ribbon
and Elite Programs have their dogs DNA profile # in our data base
GENETIC TESTING - specific tests to determine whether certain genes are inherited which can or can not adversly affect offspring. Genetic
testing is not HEALTH TESTING.
More Information
HEALTH CERTIFICATE - Health Certificates are required when shipping a dog interstate. The health check is done by a licensed Veterinarian
who at that time of examination of the dog/puppy see no indication of a comminicable disease, fever, infection that requires treatment. A Health
Certificate does not guarantee a healthy puppy.
HEALTH SCREENING - a specific test has been given to determine if a dog has a health problem that may be specific to the dogs breed. Health
Screening can only determine that dogs  status it does not guarantee the health status of offspring . Some health screening must be done on a
yearly basis ; certain eye testing, thyroid testing, heart testing.
More Information
INBREEDING - breeding of very closely related animals  e.g. mother/ son, father/ daughter, brother /sister.
LINE BREEDING - breeding of more distantly related animals to set a type e.g. uncle neice, grandfather/grandaughter, aunt/nephew,
grandmother/grandson, cousin/cousin, half brother/half sister. This type of breeding if done by responsible and knowledgeable breeders can
produce consistant individuals as far as type and temprament.
MICRO CHIP - a micro chip is a small chip that is normally implanted under the skin and  behind  the shoulder blades of the dog. The micro chip
is for identification purposes. Veterinarians and shelters can provide the service.Each micro chip has a unique number which can be registered in
the owners name with the company who manufactures the micro chip. Most common micro chips are
Home Again and Avid . All micro chips are
read with the appropriate scanner. For more information on micro chipping your dog click .
Breeders enrolled in our Blue Ribbon and Elite programs have their dogs DNA profile # in our data base
OUTCROSSING - breeding two totally unrelated animals within a breed (usually done with an out cross that is linebred)   to correct or improve a
certain aspect of the bloodline e.g. a breeder may have exceptional dogs but would like to improve movement or feet so the  breeder looks to a stud
dog that is consistent in this area.
PEDIGREE - ancestry of the dog . A pedigree can be as little as 3 generations and should include all titles earned by those ancestors in the pedigree.
If you are interested in a pedigree for your dog please take the link provided here.
REGISTERED - in short the process of documentation of a dogs sire and dam, whelping date, sex  and type.
REGISTRY - an entity who assigns identification numbers and who  keeps documentation as to the parentage, whelping date, sex, type and
breeding records of the individuals in the registry.
SHIPPING - shipping a puppy requires a health certificate that meets the guidelines of the shipping facility. Puppies cannot be shipped before 8
weeks of age. Temperature and  breed of dog are also determining factors as to shipping. If you need more information please take the link
provided here  
Shipping Your Dog
          DESIGNER BREED REGISTRY            

worldwide credible dog registry that The
DBR has been highly acclaimed as a promotes

Designer Breed Registry (here after known
as DBR)  is a registry service providing
registration papers which  identifies the dog
as the  breed offspring of a sire and dam,
the gender, date of birth from the
information provided on the application for
registration and or litter registration. The
DBR does not guarantee the
health,temperament, ancertry or quality of
the dog. The DBR is not affiliated with and
does not license or endorse any breeders,
brokers or pet dealers who may sell dogs
who are registered or can be registered
with DBR including those listed on this site,
the  DBR has no control over their business
practices and is not liable for the any
dealings between any breeders, brokers, or
pet dealers and their purchasers.
cation, dog
training, and responsible ownership for all
dog  owners, while encouraging the
wonderful experience of owning a dog.
International and American only a registry for
designer dogs but an opportunity to have a
part in creating a credible data base for their
breeding through registering their dogs and
litters,  in writing the Breed Standard, title
their designer dog, purebred dogs and dogs of
unknown origin. Dogs of unknown origin are
welcome and can be registered through the
Designer Breed Registry and have the
opportunity of acquiring: Obedience Titles  

The concept of creating a new breed or
improve on an established breed has always
been part of the Dog/Human relationship and
will continue ad infinitum as it should.
Courageous and creative individuals take on
the task of being visionaries in this difficult
yet process of developing or helping to
develop the concept of a new breed.
Breeders who are in process of developing a
breed can contact the registry for foundation
breeder status and be a integral part of
naming their newly created designer breed
and have the opportunity to draw a standard
for the breed in the future.
Registration is very important to the creators
of these new and exciting breeds, registration
of the designer dog and its progeny begins the
all important data base for the breeder to build
upon and refer to for pedigree within their
breeding program as well as integrating
similar breeding into their own breeding

Designer dog breeders, who breed  designer
dogs and have designer puppies for sale, such
as  labradoodle, cockapoo, yorkipoo,
maltipoo,etc.(see the list of breeds
recognized) can register with Designer Breed