Chinese Imperial Dog
Breed standard is under 9 lbs no taller than 9 in.
Chinese Imperial Dog is registerd as a Chinese Imperial Dog !
Not as a Shih Tzu like the Imperial.

A first generation Chinese Imperial dog has been certified by
weight and measurements stated by the parent club of the CID
To be a second generation CID both parents of the dog has to be a registerd Chinese Imperial
by the Chinese Imperial Dog Registry of America, Than those the pup reach 14 months they
must also be certified by weight and length to be register by the Chinese Imperial Dog Registry of
All 3rd generation Cids must also be verified at 14 months
The Cid is becoming accepted by the RARE breed registry soon.
In years to come when the CID breeders have 1000 3rd generation Cids will become a new
breed reconized by the American Kennel Club Foundation Stock Service. Than AKC will make
the Chinese Imperial Dog is own breed and can be in AKC dog shows and we will compete with
the Shih Tzu.
              小狗西施 / XIAO GOU SHIH-TZU

Xiao Gou Xi Shi (pronounced shallgo zi she) Shih Tzu's is a registered kennel name with the
Designer Breed Registry
XiaoGou is a registered kennel name with the  Designer Breed Registry
Xiao Gou Shih Tzus is part of the  Elite Breeder Program  
                                                                     DESIGNER BREED REGISTRY
                                                                       XIAO GOU SHIH TZUS ADULTS
3 years old
5 pounds
Xiao Gou (pronounced shall go) meaning small dog in Mandarin is our kennel name.
Our Shih Tzus live in our home  and are very much a part of our family.
Puppies are raised amid the hustle and bustle of two small children, a teenager and our two cats.
Our puppies are handled from birth and at three weeks begin to explore father from mom and the
whelping box. Housetraining begins with puppy pads and gradually the puppies are encouraged
to go outdoors. Our puppies are intelligent, trusting, social , independent, loving and full of
Conformation, size,excellent health and  good temperament are an equal priority, color is
secondary although we do have a wide variety ranging from cream to black.  Pippen does
produce puppies that are under 9 pounds and those puppies are priced accordingly.

Imperial Shih Tzu
under 9 lbs a smaller version of the Shih Tzu

  • The term "Imperial" is a description of a weight variance of the Shih Tzu

  • The Imperial size is a genetic revisit from the original dogs from Tibet

  •  The Empress preferred 7-11 pound dogs