Dog Astrology

The Zodiac is made up of 12 different sun signs. Your dog’s birth date will indicate which sign they are.

Aries (Ram): March 21 ~ April 19
Personality Traits:
Fun-loving and goofy at times;
Can be strong-willed and even stubborn

Taurus (Bull): April 20 ~ May 20
Personality Traits:
Unselfish with  love,
Make friends
however, his  disregard for being cautious can sometimes cause trouble

Gemini (Twins): May 21 ~ June 20
Personality Traits:
Fun loving and warmhearted;
sometimes shy

Cancer (Crab): June 21 ~ July 22
Personality Traits:
Tendency to be assertive,
but always up for learning a new trick

Leo (Lion): July 23 ~ Aug. 22
Personality Traits:
A dog who enjoys being mentally and
physically challenged,
but can be lazy for long stretches of time

Virgo (Virgin): Aug. 23 ~ Sept. 22
Personality Traits:
A great memory

Libra (Scales): Sept. 23 ~ Oct. 22
Personality Traits:
A giving nature

Scorpio (Scorpion): Oct. 23 ~ Nov. 21
Personality Traits:
Your hearing is so excellent that you your ears
pick up the tiniest of sounds, making
you an excellent watchdog; You love
routine and abhor change

Sagittarius (Archer): Nov. 22 ~ Dec. 21
Personality Traits:
You are dependable and composed;
Appreciates discipline but
do not need to be overly bossed

Capricorn (Goat): Dec. 22 ~ Jan. 19
Personality Traits:
You love competition and adore sports;
Sometimes your competitive ways
cause you to appear a little aggressive to others

Aquarius (Water Bearer): Jan. 20 ~ Feb. 18
Personality Traits:
High maintanience and tidy

Pisces (Fish): Feb. 19 ~ March 20
Personality Traits:
Enjoys low-key activities and lots of
peaceful sleeping time;  

                                                                                       The Aries Dog
is the first Sign of the Zodiac. The Aries Dog will live by the motto “Me First” and there will be no “please” about it. Life to this
canine is an exciting, all-consuming challenge. Given his or her position in the Zodiac, however, it is only natural that the Aries Dog
would want to be leader of the pack.  This dog will enjoy a variety of activities, such as agility classes or playing frisbee.
The Aries Dog will never be a “yes-dog,” not even after months of training. The battle for independence begins the moment this
little pup arrives in the home.   however life can be most enjoyable once the owner is “trained.” In short, the Aries Dog is basically a
warm-hearted creature who will prove to be amusing, if time-consuming and he or she is incapable of sulking or holding a grudge
for long.  
Best Traits:
Determined, fiercely loyal
Worst Traits:
Determination can sometimes
cause you to be too independent and stubborn
Favorite Dog Quote:
"A dog has one aim in life...
to bestow his heart." -- J.R. Ackerley

                                                                                     The Taurus Dog
A plodding dog…strong, silent and determined. This canine may be led, but never driven. However, if allowed to move at a slow
pace, the Taurus Dog has no problem in doing what is asked of him or her. Being close to the owner is heaven to this canine. He
or she truly appreciates a comfortable bed, complete with super-soft blankets. In short, the Taurus Dog loves to be pampered. The
Taurus Dog is a loyal and faithful creature, relatively easy to train. The Taurus Dog thoroughly appreciates the finer things of life.  
Obedient, mild-mannered, affectionate and a fervent kisser, this canine can be a relentless protector and fighter. If he or she
senses the owner is in danger, this dog will abruptly turn into an unusually quick mover. Much the same attitude is adopted if this
canine believes his or her personal possessions are being threatened in any way
Pet Peeves:
Selfish humans, bath time
Best Trait:
Selfless with your love
and are blindly optimistic
Worst Trait:
Your disregard for caution can
sometimes get him in trouble
Favorite Dog Quote:
"Dogs are us, only innocent."
--Cynthia Heimel

                                                                                     The Gemini Dog
A patient owner will soon be able to teach this canine an entire battery of tricks…  this is a dog who loves to “show off.” With fleet-
footed Mercury as his or her Ruling Planet, the Gemini Dog is one of the Zodiac’s fastest runners and, not surprisingly, It is
important to note that the only time an owner will be absolutely sure of the whereabouts of the Gemini Dog is when he or she is
attached by a leash. This canine will be inquisitive.  
Pet Peeves:
Unfriendly dogs and people
Best Traits:
friendly, loving intuitive
Worst Traits:
Your dependent personality
can sometimes cause nervous separation anxiety
Favorite Dog Quote:
"If a dog's prayers were answered,
bones would rain from the sky." -- Proverb

                                                                                     The Cancer Dog
A contrary dog who has close links to the sea and the tides. Thus, this canine is likely to jump into water at every given
opportunity. The Cancer Dog is something of an “up and down” type of creature with a strong determination to “stay put.” Indeed
this dog is probably the most patient and tenacious of the entire Zodiac.
Pet Peeves:
Gets cranky and irritated by
confusing games and commands
Best Trait:
Worst Trait:
Can be a know-it-all
Dog Quote:
"To err is human: To forgive, canine."
-- Anonymous

                                                                                    The Virgo Dog  
The Virgo Dog considers being told what to do as a pleasure…it also saves him or her the trouble of having to think up something.
Physically,  this canine is also the hypochondriac of the dog world…a single flea, for example, and he or she will be convinced the
pesky parasites are covering the entire body from head to toe…or a simple stomach upset, and the Virgo Dog will be certain that
he or she has salmonella poisoning.   The Virgo Dog tends to spend a great deal of time in the garden, communing with nature as
he or she weeds, digs and generally makes a mess.
Pet Peeves:
Yelling and any loud, unexplained noises
Needs More:
Social time with other dogs
Best Trait:
Fun loving, outgoing personality;
remembers everything
Worst Trait:
Waking up too early in the morning
Favorite Dog Quote:
"A dog believes you are
what you think you are."
-- Jane Swan

                                                         The Libra Dog
has one purpose and one purpose only…to improve the lot of the working or owned dog.   
The Libra Dog will refuse to be banished to an outside kennel, unless the owner is also willing to take up residence within. The
Libra Dog is possessed of a gentle manner and a great desire to please, usually remaining a loving soul as long as the love is
Personality Traits:
Your hearing is so excellent that you your ears
pick up the tiniest of sounds, making
you an excellent watchdog; You love
routine and abhor change

                                                                                The Leo Dog  
…if given half the chance. This dog sees himself or herself as a cut above all lesser species and will expect to be treated
accordingly.  Most Leo Dogs make for affectionate and cheerful companions, although they can at times be pompous and
The Leo Dog has a deep-set faith in humanity. Dogs which have been praised honored for bravery…or those pampered by
royalty…are, more often than not, governed by the Sign of Leo.   The Leo Dog, however, cannot bear to be ignored. The vanity of
this canine knows no limit and he or she adores being the center of attraction.  
Pet Peeves:
Routine tasks
Best Trait:
Helpful nature
Worst Trait:
Favorite Dog Quote:
"Heaven goes by favor; If it went on merit,
you would stay out and your dog would go in."
-- Mark Twain

                                                                           The Scorpio Dog
There is a great strength of character hidden beneath the silky coat of the Scorpio Dog. On the outside, it will be necessary to
watch out for the tail, which is capable of expressing much more feeling that that of any other canine. The Scorpio Dog will be a
formidable dog to live up to, since this canine considers himself or herself to be the perfect dog. The life of the Scorpio Dog has
but one purpose…self-mastery, which will occupy this canine as long as he or she lives.
Pet Peeves:
Needs More:
Best Trait:
Excellent hearing
Worst Trait:
Hates doing tricks
Favorite Dog Quote:
"The reason a dog has so many friends is that
he wags his tail instead of his tongue."
-- Anonymous

                                                                         The Sagittarius Dog
An independent creature, preferring to make a personal choice regarding who his or her living companions will be. The fact that an
owner may have paid through the nose, and chosen this canine with great care when he or she was only a small pup, carries no
weight whatsoever. The Sagittarius Dog will either take to an owner or not, based purely and solely on that owner’s merits as a
person. If this canine does not find an owner to suit his or her particular taste, then that owner will be treated in the same manner
as any other casual acquaintance…with polite aloofness. Even when the Sagittarius Dog does bond with a human, this canine
remains somewhat detached.  
Pet Peeves:
Having to share toys, food, etc
Best Trait:
Worst Trait:
Easily startled
Favorite Dog Quote:
"The disposition of noble dogs
is to be gentle with people they
know and the opposite with those
they don't know...How, then, can
the dog be anything other than a
lover of learning since it defines
what's its own and what's alien."
-- Plato

                                                                              The Capricorn Dog
Is driven by ambition and the ability to scale heights.   With one glance, the Capricorn Dog will sum up a person and no amount of
elocution lessons or learned deportment will fool this discerning canine, whose obsession in life is to better his or her present
position and move, step-by-step, up the social ladder. Reserved by nature and supremely diplomatic, the Capricorn Dog makes for
an amenable pet.  
When it comes to social interaction, the Capricorn Dog really comes into his or her own. Unlike most other canines, this dog
understands that there must be authority if life is to be smooth and comfortable. The Capricorn Dog will accept that humans rule
the roost and quickly adopt the role of a most obedient pet.
Pet Peeves:
Best Trait:
Profound sense of responsibility
Worst Trait:
Occasional aggressiveness
Favorite Dog Quote:
"Any time you think you have influence,
try ordering around someone else's dog."
-- The Cockle Bur

                                                                                 The Aquarius Dog
Is determined (albeit in a quiet and inoffensive way) to unearth the truth about everything and everyone. To this canine, knowing a
little about anything is tantamount to knowing nothing at all.   Often, this dog possesses traits that even other canines find to be
quite peculiar.   creating havoc or chaos. The Aquarius Dog will quietly get on with life…investigating, discovering and wondering.  
Pet Peeves:
Trips to the vet
Needs More:
Best Traits:
Sweet in disposition
Worst Trait:
Favorite Dog Quote:
"Until one has loved an animal,
a part of one's soul remains unawakened."
-- Anatole France

                                                                              The Pisces Dog  
Deep inside, well beyond control, the Pisces Dog will be a good dog who truly desires to please. This will, at times, be quite
obvious and lead to enjoyable experiences. However, in between, when this canine is annoying and inconsistent, things will not be
so easy.  
Probably the favorite outing of the Pisces Dog would be a walk by the sea shore, marooned on dry land in an ordinary house, he
or she will make the most of anything wet that can be found. Country walks have a tendency to turn into swimming galas as this
dog rolls in every puddle and will run for miles to find a stream.   Generally, the life of a Pisces Dog will be spent by putting his or
her paw into it, while the other half will be concerned with trying to mend the situation.  
Pet Peeves:
Excessive grooming
Needs More:
Quiet time
Best Trait:
Loves to perform tricks
and learns quickly
Worst Trait:
Enjoys chasing small animals
Favorite Dog Quote:
"Dogs laugh,
but they laugh with their tails."
--Max Eastman
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