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Dog Foods
Royal Canin
Company Information:
"Since its creation by Dr. Jean
Cathary, a veterinarian, in 1967 in
France, Royal Canin has become the
world leader in Health Nutrition for
dogs and cats."
Company Information:
"Working with veterinarians and
breeders Eukanuba continously
devlopes formulas that meet the needs
of all dogs."
"Diamond and Diamond Naturals
dog and cat food offer all the benefits
of a highly digestible super premium
pet food without the premium price.
Pet owners, breeders, veterinarians,
and hunters alike rely on Diamond Pet
Foods' quality and exceptional value
for happy, healthy pets."
PMI Nutrition
"Exclusive Brand Pet Foods are
formulated to provide an optimal
balance of Omega-6 and Omega-3
fatty acids to promote a healthy Skin &
Coat and to maintain a healthy immune
"Proper dog feeding is an important
part of your dog’s life. And with
Purina’s advancements in the
science of canine health care and dog
food products, millions of dogs and
puppies have been provided with
unsurpassed nutrition and excellent pet
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