ELITE BREEDER CERTIFICATE

Requirements for the Elite Breeders Program or Registering an individual dog as Elite Status:

Application Fee will be $125.00 for two breeds add additional $25.00 for each breed applied for over the initial two/2.
The requirements for each class below must be met by the breeder to be assigned the foundation breeder status. Breeders will be notified by the DBR if they are eligible for this status. Please refer to our
recognized registries link. Registration Includes Elite Breeders Certificate and 60 days of advertising on BreederPages (up to 2 webpages)

The DBR elite Breeders status for breeders of newly formed and accepted breeds. Dogs used in your breeding program must be registered with the Designer Breed Registry and be registered or registrable
with DBR recognized registries Documentation of your breeding program MUST be supplied to the Designer Breed Registry

If you are registering a litter as Elite Nominated both parents must be registered with the Designer Breed Registry/DBR or you can apply for registration with the DBR.
The Designer Breed Registry will assign DBR Elite Breeder status to a breeder whose dogs who meet  any of the following criteria 1 through 4 are met:

Certificate will include in the text area that the breeder is a
Elite Breeder
1- Both sire and dam registered or registrable with the Registries that are recognized with the DBR. The registration can be Full or Limited Registration. One parent can be registered to one registry the other
parent registered to another registry. Registration number of the dog. For data base and future pedigree service a three generation pedigree must also be included. Certificate shows the DBR seal will be
embossed in the lower right hand corner. A certificate of pedigree for both parents is mandatory, the pedigree can be written by the breeder or purchased from a commercial or registry pedigree provider

2 Elite Individual Registration _ you have the option to register your dog as Standard or elite status if you have purchased the dog from breeders who were able to document the registrability of the sire
and dam and have provided you with that information. Please contact the registry if you have any questions Fee $75.00 Includes a 4 generation pedigree, Certificate and Elite Registration Papers

3 - Registration of current breeding stock.

4 -
3 Generation History of Ancestry/Pedigree is mandatory, the pedigree can be written by the breeder or provided for a fee by the DBR
    History of Ancestry/Pedigree must include:
        Names, Breeds, Sex, Color, Applicant must provide the names of the dogs used in at least the first 2 generations
        if the name of the third generation dog is unknown it will receive a data base number for pedigree data bases.
       The DBR encourages the applicant to actively gather all information possible as to all generations.
        Please include the following
if you have the information
        Litters produced names of sires and dams, whelping dates  and any  Registries