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         PET PARTNERS ENROLL MY Dog Online
Thank you for choosing Designer Breed Registry, Pet Partners Program please read the following before completing your online
registration. Pet Partners Program gives you 3 hours of phone help with obedience and behavior issues listed sessions are limited to 30
minutes maximum.

1. If you recently purchased a puppy and you have a valid Designer Breed Registry preprinted application from the breeder/seller, then
you are only a few clicks away from registering your dog with the DBR and enjoying the benefits of registering your dog with the Pet
Partners Program..
Please use the form below to get started registering your dog. Enter the  information that can be found on your preprinted application
you received from your breeder/seller or on your registration papers that were issued in your name.

2. If you are registering a designer dog or puppy who has not been previously registered with the Designer Breed Registry and you do
not have all of the information, please write unknown . Fee for registering your dog who has not been registered with the Designer
Breed Registry is $20.00  in addition to the $60.00 enrollment fee with the Pet Partners Program.

3. ALL FIELDS MUST be filled out to process your application, if you are not certain or do not know the information the field
requested please enter a 0 in that field. All CREDIT CARD information requested MUST be entered in the field

4.Pet partners Program ONLY Registration Fee for each dog is $60.00* Dog must be registered with the DBR in your name.
If you have any questions please email or call the registry