Application Fee will be $125.00 for three breeds add additional $25.00 over the initial three/3 or more
The requirements  must be met by the breeder to be assigned the foundation breeder status. Breeders will be notified by the DBR if they are eligible for
this status. Please refer to our recognized registries link. Foundation Breeder Certificate will be issued upon approval

Please use the form below to apply for Foundation Breeder Status: Please complete and Email your 1-5 required criteria to
or use the text box below  to submit criteria. If you wish you can fill out the form below and a representative will call you
and you can submit your criteria information to the representative.

Applicants Name:

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Name on Card:

Card Number:


CVS Code
Billing Address:
* The cvs code is the 3 digit code
located on the back of the card
Amex card it is the 4 digit code
located on the front of the card   
Paypal Customers please email:
or call 732-256-9415 to request an invoice