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•Saginaw, MI Seeks to Restrict Ten Large Dog Breeds
[Tuesday, January 25, 2011]  
The Saginaw City Council will likely consider a proposal in February that would declare ten dog breeds as "dangerous" and limiting all dog ownership to three dogs per household. Local
clubs and dog owners are strongly encouraged to contact the mayor and city council and ask them to oppose these proposals.

While a draft is not yet available, it is believed that the following breeds will be declared "dangerous":
German Shepherds
Alaskan Malamutes
Great Danes
St. Bernards
Doberman Pinschers
Chow Chows
"Pit Bulls"
Presa Canarios

Owners of these breeds would be required to pay a $50 registration fee a place a warning sign on their property. Owners would also be required to muzzle the dog when in public places.
In another proposal, all dog owners (regardless of breed) would be limited to owning three dogs.
The DBR promotes owner responsibility for their dogs and offers public education programs designed to teach responsible dog ownership. The DBR opposes legislation that seeks to
single out specific dog breeds as dangerous and seeks to arbitrarily limit dog ownership.

You Can Help
•Contact the Mayor and Saginaw City Council and ask them to oppose these proposals.
Mailing Address:
City Hall
1315 S. Washington Avenue
Saginaw, Michigan 48601
Mayor Greg Branch - anngreg@chartermi.net

Council Members:
Amos O’Neal - amossam@charter.net
Dennis Browning - dbrowning125@charter.net
Larry Coulouris - lcoulouris@yahoo.com
Dan Fitzpatrick - dlfitz@ameritech.net
Amanda Kitterman-Miller - akitterman@spsd.net
Dr. William "Bill" Scharffe - drbills@charter.net
"Why Breed-Specific Legislation Doesn’t Work"

•URGENT: Wyoming Cruelty Bill Advances
On January 19, the Wyoming Senate Agriculture Committee unanimously passed Senate File 100, which seeks to add "puppy mills" and "animal hoarding" to the definition of animal cruelty.
This bill confuses the issue of substandard care with the number of animals a person owns and places vague definitions in statute. The term "puppy mill" is offensive to responsible breeders
and should not be included in state law.
The bill is moving rapidly, it is paramount that all concerned dog owners and breeders in Wyoming contact the members of the Appropriations Committee, as well as your state Senator and
Representative as soon as possible to express your concerns.  
Senate File 100 seeks to amend the cruelty statutes by adding definitions of "animal hoarder" and "puppy mill" to the definition of cruelty. Although the bill has been amended, the new
version is not yet available.   Concerns with SF 100 as introduced, including, but not limited to:
•Definition of "animal hoarder" – The bill defines a hoarder as someone who owns 15 or more companion animals and violates other provisions including keeping an animal in an
overcrowded environment (this vague term is not defined).
•Definition of "puppy mill" – SF100 defines this term as a "dog or cat breeding facility" where there are more than 50 animals kept in "substandard conditions regarding the well-being of
animals" (this is not defined). It is further defined as a facility that "is operated with an emphasis upon profits above animal welfare."
You Can Help

•Contact the members of the Senate Appropriations Committee and let them know your concerns about this legislation and this use of taxpayer funds. SF 100 appropriates $200,000 to
implement this measure. The introduced version of the bill also appropriates $400,000 from the Wyoming Livestock Board’s budget for this bill. Click on the names of each member of the
committee for their contact information:
Senator Phil Nicholas, Chairman
Senator John Hastert
Senator Curt Meier
Senator R. Ray Peterson
Senator Michael Von Flatern
•Contact your State Senator and Representative and ask them to not support this legislation as introduced.  

Nebraska Bill
•Nebraska Bill Would Further Restrict All Dog Breeding
The Nebraska Agriculture Committee is scheduled to consider Legislative Bill 427 on February 8.
Legislative Bill 427 seeks to further regulate "commercial dog breeders" in Nebraska.  Current law defines "commercial breeders" as anyone "engaged in the business of breeding dogs" and
owns or harbors four or more intact dogs or cats, sells at least 31 dogs and cats per year, owns dogs/cats that produce four or more litters per year, or who knowingly sells or leases
dogs/cats for later retail sale or brokered trade.  
With this low threshold in current law, LB 427 would require anyone who owns four intact dogs of any age to comply with strict engineering standards and breeder
How You Can Help:
Attend the Agriculture Committee hearing and respectfully ask the members to oppose LB 427. The hearing information is as follows:
Agriculture Committee
Date: Tuesday, February 8, 2011
Time: 1:30 p.m.
Location: Nebraska State Capitol
1445 K Street, Room 1524
Lincoln, Nebraska 68509
Contact the Agriculture Committee and respectfully ask them to vote "no" on this bill. Click here for a sample letter to personalize

Senator Tom Carlson, Chairman
Phone: (402) 471-2732
Email: tcarlson@leg.ne.gov
Senator Dave Bloomfield
Phone: (402) 471-2716
Email: dbloomfield@leg.ne.gov


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(From the DogWatch website)
Our mission is to watch for and alert people to poorly
thought out canine legislation in North America and
abroad, providing timely access to information, human
networks, and resources that will help groups strategically
oppose breed specific legislation (BSL) in their areas on a
just-in-time basis.
Goals - we hope to:
Inform, and
people and dog owners about the real issues related to
canine legislation, with an emphasis on laws that restrict
dogs by breed or type.
We are currently developing a full mandate and goals for

The Designer Breed Registry does not support breed
specific legislation, BSL.
If you have a breed that might be included in the BSL
Breed Specific Legislation please click on the following

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Senator Lydia Brasch
Phone: (402) 471-2728
Email: lbrasch@leg.ne.gov
Senator Burke Harr
Phone: (402) 471-2722
Email: bharr@leg.ne.gov
Senator Russ Karpisek
Phone: (402) 471-2711
Email: rkarpisek@leg.ne.gov
Senator Tyson Larson
Phone: (402) 471-2801
Email: tlarson@leg.ne.gov
Senator Steve Lathrop
Phone: (402) 471-2623
Email: slathrop@leg.ne.gov
Senator Norman Wallman
Phone: (402) 471-2620
Email: nwallman@leg.ne.gov