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Help with Obedience and Behavioral Problems

Do you wish your puppy came with instructions? The DBR knows how you feel.  

Many of todays designer dogs are acquiring the best each parent ,sire and dam, have to offer
What happens when an unsuspecting new owner takes home a puppy with  the look of a
fuzzy little cherub and the attitude of a Tasmanian Devil ?

As a registry that promotes each individuals right to mold and or sculpt  a new and exciting
breed  the Designer Breed Registry does realize that there are some owners of adolescent
designer breed dogs who do not understand how to get the best out of their new dog. The
Designer Breed Registry wants owners to keep their dogs and the registry does not wish to
see the dogs re homed and not re schooled. The Designer Breed Registry also does not want
to see the adolescent dogs left at Humane Societies, shelters or rescues .

The Designer Breed Registry has profesionals who can suggest a training regimen and help
with  advice for behavioral and obedience issues at
no charge so take advantage of this   
please DO NOT hesitate to ask.
Please keep in mind that the Designer Breed Registry would love to have every dog be a
success story.
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Help for obedience and behavioral problems

In addition the Designer Breed Registry also offers  DVD's that are informative and instructural
for $29.95 shipping and handling included.
Subjects covered are:  

Creating an environment for safety and success for your puppy so that he may become a
respectful family member.

Obedience ABC's

How to deal with separation anxiety

Fearful Dogs

Dogs who are dog aggressive


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