For registration applications please  go to the REGISTRATION link above
Dog Registration $20.00
Blue Ribbon Dog Registration $65.00
Elite Dog Registration $75.00
Litter Registration $25.00
Kennel Name Registration $85.00

Register my dog by phone $30.00
Register my litter by phone $45.00 litter registration papers will be mailed
Register my litter by phone and access litter application within hours 12 and print from online,a hard copy for breeder
mailed within 2 business days.$75.00
Weekend  requests will be mailed on the following Monday

Foundation Breeder Program $125.00
Blue Ribbon Breeder Program $75.00
Elite Breeder Program $125.00

BreederPages - see link above
The DBR Puppy Place - see link above

3 Generation - $35.00*
4 Generation - $40.00*
5 Generation - $45.00*
* Add $15.00 if the DBR must access other means for pedigree information, you will be contacted before the additional charge of $15.00 is made.
Correction to Pedigree ie owner error (data base) without issuance of new certificate No Charge
Correction to Pedigree ie correction of owner error  issuance of new  Pedigree  $25.00
Lost, Destroyed Registration Papers or owner error on application $15.00
Lost or Destroyed Litter Registration Packet $25.00  Lost or Destroyed Litter Registration Individual Paper $10.00

Changes To Existing Registration Papers due to applicant error $15.00
Litter Correction of Birth Date, Sire or Dam of litter and or amount and sex of puppies .Requirement: breeder's signature and  $25

Change of Address of owner/s of record data base only, without issuance of new certificates No Charge
Change of Address of owner/s of record issuance of new registration papers  $20.00
If the owner of record has changed their last name data base change only No Charge
If the owner of record has changed their last name and requests new registration papers $20.00
Changes to a name on application BEFORE mailing No Charge
Changes to a name once a dog registration is issued   $20.00
Changes to a name of a DBR titled dog $65.00

Transfer and registration of dog to new owner $25.00
Transfer of registration any corrections due to applicant error $15.00
Transfer of registration of dog to a new owner and dog name change  $45.00
Transfer of registration of a  DBR titled dog to new owner and dog name change $85.00

Late Fee - Breeder  If your litter has been registered and you are registering a puppy from that litter more than 12 months
after the litter was originally registered the late fee is $10.00
Late Fee  - Owner If you are registering a dog more than 12 months after the date of transfer from the breeder the late fee is $10.00

Breeder History/Breeder Record  - All litters produced and registered and all dogs owned by the breeder who are registered
with the DBR $125.00 - $275.00
                           DESIGNER BREED REGISTRY
                                                       All Fees Subject To Change Without Notice