Goldendoodle -

50 lbs

Standard Multi-generation

Lola has beautiful Fleece coat with a
grand stance. She is everything we
look for in a breeding girl. Lola lives in
a guardian home with Children and is
extremely gentle and calm. Sweet,
Smart and just an overall outstanding
personality. I would call her a fireplace
dog. Loves to hang out with the family.
Name:Raven Red Jolie
Weight:45 lbs
Standard Goldendoodle

Jolie is in training as a therapy dog.
Extremely gentle with everyone. She
lives in a wonderful guardian home.
Her good looks and brains say it all. I
just love Jolie.
Australian Labradoodle

Weight:25 lbs
4th generation Labradoodle.

Gloria lives in San Antonio with her
guardian family, she is great with
children and loves to go running with
her human mama. Curly fleece coat.

Name:Coco (Ana)
Australian Labradoodle
Weight:28 lbs

CoCo has a beautiful silky fleece coat.
Her guardian says she falls asleep
while being groomed. She says they
love her but who doesn’t. She’s
adorable. Great looks sweet
personality what’s not to like. She
loves cuddle time
Australian Labradoodle

Weight:35 lbs

“Jewel” – Small Standard Multi-
Generation Australian Labradoodle.

Jewel was named for her beautiful
green eyes and red silky coat. She is
out of our very own Cayenne and
Fiddler. She is the sweetest girl ever…
just a jewel to be around. She lives
with a great guardian family who adore
her. This girl is lovely inside and out.
Australian Labradoodle
Weight:22 lbs

“Mabel” – Medium Multi-generation
Australian Labradoodle.

River is out of my favorite dog of all
time Sheila and her Sire is our very
own Rivermist Sheldon. She has a
beautiful Red Fleece Coat and
beautiful blocky body. Mabel’s
Guardian family describes her as
loving to play with her sister. She has a
lot of energy but isn’t too much to
handle, she understands when it’s time
to relax and be calm. Mabel enjoys the
company of other dogs and is good
with kids. She has traveled many times
with us and likes going for rides.
Standard Australian Labradoodle

Weight:45 lbs

Venus has been the most calm, sweet,
intuitive dog. She has beauty inside
and out. She is a shining example of
why labradoodles make such great
service dogs! She has a soft silky
fleece coat that feels so silky.
Weight:25 lbs

Miniature Multigeneration Australian
Hershey loves everyone. She loves to play and
she keeps her Guardian family entertained.
She is loyal and intuitive and most of all Fun!
Fun! Fun! They just adore her. Her Guardians
describe her as the most amazing baby. She
loves all people and is beyond wonderful with
children. Hershey has a huge amount of
empathy if she sees you cry she comes and
hugs you. She is loyal and likes to be with her
human mom and dad. Hershey lays at my feet
when we eat and sleeps with us at night. We
love Hershey beyond words she’s the best 4
legged child we have ever had. She has a
gorgeous thick fleece silky dark chocolate coat.
Australian Labradoodle


“Alice” – Miniature Multi-generation
Australian Labradoodle

Alice Lives in an awesome guardian
home with children that play with her all
day long. She is bundle of joy that
loves the kids as much as they love
her. This girl’s tail never stops wagging.
Alice is out of our very own Maple and
Bodi. Both are happy active dogs that
love nothing better than playing ball.
She has a beautiful red and white
fleece coat.
Describing her in one word- HAPPY
Weight:28 lbs

I would describe Hazel as curious, inquisitive,
cautious and sensitive and affectionate lover
of humans. She is great with people she love
to meet and greet people when they come to
visit. She will play with humans and other
dogs alike. Her favorite times are socializing
and naps. Hazel is calm and sweet above
anything else .Just a gentle soul.
Australian Labradoodle
Weight:30 lbs

“Noodle “ Medium Multi-generation
Australian Labradoodle.

Noodle is out of our very own Sheila
and Rebel.  We could not be more
proud of this pretty girl she is from old
Australian lines mixed with new lines.
Her coat is a beautiful apricot caramel
fleece. Noodle is an easy going girl
that lives with her veterinarian
guardian. She is a country girl that
works right into city life. She even
comes to visit at her office once in a
Australian Labradoodle
Weight:30 lbs

Belle is a perfect name for this girl.
She is Belle of the ball. She is
confident, smart, very- very smart and
a true love bug. She has a perfect
fleece coat and is center of attention at
her wonderful guardian home. She
already plays mom with her little
Labradoodle family member Mila….it’s
so sweet.
Weight:45 lbs

and White Tuxedo. Her coloring is just
amazing. She is so adorable, just as
sweet as can be. Tilley stops traffic
everywhere she goes! Her guardians
say she is a wonderful addition to their