We have several of our breeding dogs with therapist guardians, we also have a veterinarian with one of our guardian dogs. We strive
for social happy dogs! Here at Southerndoodlin we start their training right after they are born with sensory training. We also have
various noises so your puppy isn’t afraid of normal home sounds. We also have a gun range nearby, trains and farm equipment
sounds and airplanes too. We have students that come 6 days each week to train socialize puppies also. Maribel our dog whisper
teaches the puppies to sit and down and leash tolerance by 8 weeks. Often she exceeds her goals. We start their potty training
(house training) with a doggie door and if you do not have a doggie door we suggest the bell method.

Goldendoodles sizes are generally 45 pounds and above are standards, 30 to 45 pounds are mediums, 20 to 35 pounds are
miniatures and 20 pounds and below are toys. Generally our goldendoodles are non-shed to very low shedding and are allergy
friendly for people with mild allergies. No dog is totally hypoallergenic. People with severe dog allergies such as saliva will be allergic
to all dogs.

Generally goldendoodles are healthier because of their hybrid vigor. We give a 3 year health guarantee.

We have goldendoodles and labradoodles that have wonderful homes in San Antonio, Austin, Houston, Dallas, Corpus Christi Texas.
We also have puppies in many States Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, New Mexico, New York and many more. We even have one in
Australia, Demark and Mexico. (Yes they flew back with their dogs) That being said if we sell you a puppy you must be willing to come
and pick it up from our home. Goldendoodle puppies are for sale to loving homes only. We are not a kennel, all of our breeding dogs
reside in guardian homes. We have awesome guardians!!!