Welcome to the Designer Breed Registry
An all-designer breed dog registry registering dogs
Registering your dog is important for many reasons:
1. Registering your dog is an important step in buying a puppy.   
2.Registering your dog will  provide you assurance of accurate     
3. Registering your dog is also a record of documentation which is
equivalent to a birth certificate of a child or a title to a new car. By
registering your dog your dog is recorded in our database and each
dog is issued its own identifying  registration number
4. In the event your pet is ever lost or stolen, your registration will record
proof of ownership.
5. Most animal shelters require proof of ownership to claim your pet.
6.You are starting an ancestral tree for the dogs  you will be breeding.
7.The DBR offers our members the opportunity to take the next step
beyond family pet to a titled best friend.
8.The DBR also offers to members a 1 hour consultation at no charge
to help with obedience and behavioral issues along with pointers for
training your next Conformation and or Obedience Champion.

The DBR prides itself on its family-oriented, friendly, and educational shows
and programs. The DBR’s  philosophy is one that promotes the opportunity of
having the “Total Dog” which is   
Excellent family member and a dependable companion.
Working for Obedience Titles as a team
Gaining a Conformation Championship with focus on the owner handler and
the natural dog.

The DBR strives to be the very best registry for its members, your input is
always important to us to continue and evolve and serve our  members, The
Dog World is finally evolving and true fanciers are finding the right balance for
family pet and titled dog a refreshing change. The Designer Breed Registry is
proud to be a part of this long overdue philosophy .
 PomChi/  Chiranian