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We have always owned Standard Australian Shepherds being they are the prefect all around horse
doggies to own when owning horses. Then we fell in love with the Aussiedoodle breed about 5 years
ago when we met our first Aussiedoodle at a horse riding camp we was staying at with our daughters.
our female Aussies to create the Einstein of the dog breeds which are called Aussiedoodles. So for over
3 years now we been raising gorgeous loving all around prefect healthy Aussiedoodles. Our goal is to
provide doodles have gone on to be trained to be service dogs and some to compete in agility shows.
And of course all our doodles babies have made wonderful loving family pets. Once you own an
Aussiedoodle you will see you can’t live with out this amazing intelligent breed. We also thank our Lord
The Aussiedoodle is a cross of poodle and australian shepherd. The Aussiedoodle is non shedding.
The Aussiedoodle in standatd size can weigh over 60 pounds for the males and up to 90.
Aussiedoodle females are smaller.
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