About Home Grown Kennel
My Father

Robert R Benton Head of K-9 introduced Rhode Island to Police dogs.
* Obedience
* Attack on command
* Guard dogs

He went on to open his own dog facility
Where he..
*Rented guard dogs out to private, and corporate warehouses, ship yards, and high end car lots.
Before technology it was the eyes of dogs that watched, and protected our local businesses not video cameras,, and security hooked up to local police, Pour families
Dogs were the police, security, and watchful eyes.
My dad received a proclamation from the city of providence for his GREAT contributions in the community, on the police force, and off.
My dad did educational exhibitions within the community.

ROBERT R Benton  knew long before science had (finally) concluded that Pets have feelings.  He taught us the true love, and compassion a pet has for their
caregiver, they are family, no more, no less.  Our pets are our family and we will never allow are kennel to grow to a capacity where we can not love them the way all
pets deserve to be loved.

My dad taught me how to train a dog,
How to groom a dog, but the most important thing he taught us, his children, and grandchildren was LOVE

We are proud of legacy, and we would never do anything to tarnish our fathers' and grandfathers' good names.  They also did educational exhibitions within the

Yes raising,training and grooming dogs it is a business, but profit will never out weigh our true compassion for them, or our passion to better the breed.

I love that these beautiful, loving kind babysitters the (pit) bull dog is now reinvented, and will continue to live on in the Bully breed, and with their high drive toned
down just enough to again earn respect in the k-9 community, after too many years of bad breeding, and bad owners, and greed none that were any faults of their
own, but humans cruelty, and an underground scene that resided in all walks of life.

Our family is proud to be part of this reincarnation of the bully, and will bring only the BEST (in every way) back to the k-9 world.  This is a breed that deserves a
second chance to be loved, honored, and cared for as any pet should be.

We are of Native Decent, and believe that we are all but a strand in the Great Web of life, and our bullies are an important strand too, and with the proper balance in
their breeding we shall see THEIR GREATNESS, AS IN ALL THE NATURAL BEAUTY our CREATOR HAS LAID OUT FOR US, it is only when men interfere with ill
intentions that we see the dark side of any creation.

Our Bullies will be bred with great intentions, conscious pedigree choices, and tons, and tons of LOVE.