MASTADOR INFORMATION
                                                                                                  MASTADOR GRACIOUS GUARDIANS IS AN ELITE PROGRAM BREEDER     
Front: Aonghus bred by Mastador Gracious Guardians
and his best friend Murphy older Mastador puppies
SARGE - Bred by Edward and Melinda Faulkner
Owned by: LeahMelton
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A Mastador is a breeding of an English Mastiff to a Labrador Retriever This breeding is
considered an F1 breeding and is a 50/50 cross further crosses of F1 to F1 produces the F2
Mastador . Back crosses ie F1 back to either a Labrador Retriever or an English Mastiff is an
F1b please keep in mind that your litter will be 75% of whichever breed you backcross to.

Mastadors are:
moderately intensive, judiciously dominant or submissive, early mental maturity, medium

Mastador Breed Information

The Mastador is not new to the Designer Breed world as they have been the focus of
dedicated Mastador breeding for about 30 years.
The Mastador is considered a giant dog with a lifespan of 8-14 years
Mastadors can be "job orienteddo very well as therapy dogs,search and rescue, jogging,
agility, drugs detection, tracking, guarding and hunting.  While friendly and outgoing
Mastadors do have a protective nature
The Mastadors intelligence, loyalty and dedication are legendary
The Mastador is a great family dog who considers themselves an important part of the family.
Mastadors do not need a great amout of exercise however regular outside activities with
family members will be fine. The Mastadors short glossy coat does well with a good daily

Older Mastador puppies show their mental maturity and talents early.  Being hyper-learners
but not hyper-active, these puppies seek out the family routine and work to fit-into a job.
Mastador puppies are well aware of  family routine and lifestyle, at 4 months, Mastador
puppies are able to quickly identify and address potential threats by courageously placing
themselves between the danger and their family.
Mastadors are job oriented and accommodating whatever the family lifestyle and The
Mastador is so versatile they are able to fulfill a balanced variety of affection and routine,  
they will be the best at it.  Mastadors can be an affectionate couch-potato, cuddle bunny, foot
warmer, kisser, or outdoor companion, he is everything anyone could ever want from a dog,
yet at the same time, this magnificent breed is an attentive and fearless gentle guardian that
does not hurry to confront aggressively but chooses to warn first, a commending  and
valuable asset for any breed.  
Melinda Faulkner/Gracious Guardians Mastadors

Size Male = 24 -30″ min
Size Female = 23-28″ min


The head gives a square appearence,
s the broad skull may or may
not have a slight wrinkle.Expression is confident, allert and intelligent.
Muzzle to stop is the same or a bit less than stop to occiput.

Cheeks are not
fleshy, lip should be squared and full but not

Nose is
wide with  rounded nostrils. Color of nose matches the coat

Muzzzle is
balanced and squared squared
Scissors bite is preferred but slightly undershot is acceptable.
Eyes-Should give a self assured/confident look thus reflecting
temperament, intelligence and alertness. Eyes should be of medium
size, set well apart, and neither protruding nor deep set.    
Small eyes, set close together or round prominent eyes are not
acceptable. Eye rims  must be pigmented and match the coat. Eyes
may or may not show some haw but definitely should not be droopy.
Color of the eye should match the coat.


Ears: in proportion to the skull, V-shaped, rounded at the tips.
Leather moderately thin, set widely apart at the highest points on the
sides of the skull continuing the outline across the summit. They
should lie close to the cheeks when in repose.
 balanced, rounded V,
not heavy,

Neck is
strong and powerful, very muscular, slightly arched, and of
medium length. The neck gradually increases in circumference as it
approaches the shoulder. Neck fits well into the shoulders.Neck is
moderately "dry" (not showing an excess of loose skin).   
Shoulders -

well laid back, with no tendancy to looseness, moderately
sloping, powerful and muscular, with no tendency to looseness.
Degree of front angulation to match correct rear angulation.

Shoulders are muscular and well laid back. Elbows lie
directly below the highest point of the withers. Forelegs are
muscular, heavily boned, straight, and parallel to each other, and the
elbows point directly to the rear. The distance from elbow to ground
equals about half the dog's height. Pasterns are strong and slightly
sloping. Feet are proportionate to the body in size, webbed, and cat
foot in type. Dewclaws may be removed.

Legs - straight, strong and set wide apart, heavy boned.
Elbows - parallel to body.
Pasterns - strong and bent only slightly.
Feet - large, round, and compact with well arched toes.  
The chest is full and deep with the brisket reaching at least down to
the elbows. Ribs are well sprung, with the anterior third of the rib
cage tapered to allow elbow clearance.  

Level . Loin is broad and very well muscled
The rear assembly is powerful, muscular, and heavily boned. Viewed
from the rear, the legs are straight and parallel. Viewed from the
side, the thighs are broad and fairly long. Stifles
angulated and matching the shoulder angulation.
. Hocks are well let
down. Hind feet are similar to the front feet. Dewclaws should be
Tail set follows the natural line of the croup. The tail is broad at the
base and strong. It has no kinks, and the distal bone reaches to the
hock. When the dog is standing relaxed, its tail hangs straight or with
a slight curve at the end. When the dog is in motion or excited, the
tail is carried out, but it does not curl over the back.
TheMastador  in motion has good reach, strong drive, and gives the
impression of effortless power. His gait is smooth and rhythmic,
covering the maximum amount of ground with the minimum number
of steps. Forelegs and hind legs travel straight forward. As the dog's
speed increases, the legs tend toward single tracking. When moving,
a slight roll of the skin can be characteristic of the breed. Essential to
good movement is the balance of correct front and rear assemblies.
Color is secondary to type, structure, and soundness. Recognized
colors are black, cream, chocolate and brindle. Additional colors  
such as blue fawn and apricot will be accepted.
Asmall amount of
white on Chin,chest or feet is permitted

Also typical are a tinge of bronze on a black coat.

Standard Written by the Designer Breed Registry 2019


written by : Melinda Faulkner
Mastadors have been observed to have other mellowed character traits that allow them to function independently without being obsessed and capable of obedience without total dependence.  They also have the right
amount of affection with the right amount of protection.

Their natural protectiveness is non-aggressive, as they use intimidation.  Since they use stealth, non-barking, memory (taking pause to identify) and body language (head straight out, tail up, steps forward or between),
they make great guardians for indoor, outdoor, small or large areas and should not have the legal liability issues that come from aggressive breeds or guard dogs.

Mastadors are equally, naturally affectionate in a non-obsessive way. They will openly show affection by any means their family allows: cuddling in bed, gently sitting in you lap, sitting next to you on the sofa, laying
nearby while you are on the computer or other activities. They love what you love. Because they are very observant and attentive to the needs and routine of their families they can easily understand to stay by your
side or out of your main pathway so you don’t fall.

Witnesses have seen Mastadors successfully performing the following jobs:  Therapy dog, Nursing duties (also identification of human maladies), rescuing humans and other animals, Livestock Guardian, Household
Guardian, Personal (human) Guardian,  some herding, and what is known as the “Lassie maneuver” (going to get help).

The Mastador communicates mostly with their bodies and barking is rarely used. Mastadors have strong jaws for eating bones, but are capable of transporting and caring for an egg without breaking it. They are early
and quick learners with long memories and make accurate and balanced decisions based on their family’s needs and/or routine. Judiciously using their bodily strength and accuracy to serve the family…..from the
largest/strongest family members to the smallest/weakest family members.

The Mastador temperament and energy makes a very versatile companion for high, medium, or low activity individuals and families of any age combination or size.  Mastadors are versatile enough for city apartments,
suburban homes, country and/or farms.  Training/monitoring of any dog, of any size, is always recommended for small children

Melinda Faulkner