Information on the Mastador breed from Melinda Faulkner and her Mastador websites which the DBR highly recommends you visit for a plethora of Mastador Breed Information and  pictures and

Current Guide/Standard   

SIZE-  MALE = 24-30”      FEMALE = 23-28”
TAIL = wide with a slight taper
HEAD = square, broad skull
CHEEKS = medium fleshy, squared, medium pendulous
NOSE = wide, rounded nostrils
MUZZLE = balanced, squared
EARS = balanced, rounded V, not heavy, down
EYES = slight droop, balanced, alert, stealthy
NECK = muscular, slightly long, skin is medium pendulous
SHOULDERS = level topline, broad chest, blade balanced to  leg, muscular, effortless motion
HIPS = equal to shoulder, broad, effortless motion
LEGS = straight, well boned, level top-line well let down in the hocks.
PAWS = half webbing, athletic
TOP COAT =straight, smooth, shiny, medium length no belly fringe.
UNDER COAT = dense, short and close lying with  good weather resistance
GAIT = powerful, effortless walk/run/jump/swim
current data is 80-85% are shiny black, black with chest or toe/paw bright white spot, red undercoat.
                                                                  DESIGNER BREED REGISTRY
                                                                                                      MASTADOR GRACIOUS GUARDIANS IS AN ELITE PROGRAM BREEDER    
Front: Aonghus bred by Mastador Gracious Guardians and his best friend Murphy
older Mastador puppies
A Mastador is a breeding of an English Mastiff to a Labrador Retriever This breeding is
considered an F1 breeding and is a 50/50 cross further crosses of F1 to F1 produces the F2
Mastador . Back crosses ie F1 back to either a Labrador Retriever or an English Mastiff is an
F1b please keep in mind that your litter will be 75% of whichever breed you backcross too.

Mastadors are:
moderately intensive, judiciously dominant or submissive, early mental maturity, medium

Mastador Breed Information

The Mastador is not new to the Designer Breed world as they have been the focus of
dedicated Mastador breeding for about 30 years.
The Mastador is considered a giant dog with a lifespan of 8-14 years
Mastadors can be "job orienteddo very well as therapy dogs,search and rescue, jogging,
agility, drugs detection, tracking, guarding and hunting.  While friendly and outgoing
Mastadors do have a protective nature
The Mastadors intelligence, loyalty and dedication are legendary
The Mastador is a great family dog who considers themselves an important part of the family.
Mastadors do not need a great amout of exercise however regular outside activities with
family members will be fine. The Mastadors short glossy coat does well with a good daily

Older Mastador puppies show their mental maturity and talents early.  Being hyper-learners
but not hyper-active, these puppies seek out the family routine and work to fit-into a job.
Mastador puppies are well aware of  family routine and lifestyle, at 4 months, Mastador
puppies are able to quickly identify and address potential threats by courageously placing
themselves between the danger and their family.
Mastadors are job oriented and accommodating whatever the family lifestyle and The
Mastador is so versatile they are able to fulfill a balanced variety of affection and routine,  
they will be the best at it.  Mastadors can be an affectionate couch-potato, cuddle bunny, foot
warmer, kisser, or outdoor companion, he is everything anyone could ever want from a dog,
yet at the same time, this magnificent breed is an attentive and fearless gentle guardian that
does not hurry to confront aggressively but chooses to warn first, a commending  and
valuable asset for any breed.  
we realize that the Mastador Standard as written above will become more
specific and have additions  to the Mastador Standard.