INTRODUCING THE AMERICAN MOLOSSUS
even people they would just take it. A dark time and a time where people needed to have defense. They needed something that would protect the women and children left behind while
The Molossus of ancient Mesopotamia was an incredible dog, fierce in appearance, massive in build, dark at night and super loyal. A dog that would make men tremble at their site,
intimidate thieves, harm doers and would stand up to any beast or animal alive with mal-intent. The Molossus was that exact animal. Huge and massive, strong and courageous, loyal and
protective and due to its black and brindle coat, very difficult to see at night.

Mesopotamia, Babylon, Greece and Rome all fell and the descendants of these dogs have been scattered. Reorganized and have been recreated in 1 form or another but the use of such
a magnificent guardian is just as needed today as it was then.

The American Molossus is that exact dog recreated and is finally available. Similar to the Neapolitan Mastiffs which in the 1990's were a close depiction of that dog. The American
Molossus is a super sized Neapolitan Mastiff and the true version of the real Molossus of antiquity. Get ready to own both the greatest dog and guardian but to own a true throwback relic
from the ancient past. A beast, a gargoyle... an    
American Molossus.