This breed of dog was developed to suit families wanting a small breed
that was suitable for most people with allergies to dogs.  
Bichonpoos are very popular in due to their exceptional
temperaments, robustness and non-shed coats.  

The Bichonpoo (also known as Bichpoo, Bich-poo, Bichonpoo,
Bichon-Poo, Bichoodle is a crossbreed dog, the offspring of a Poodle
and a Bichon Frise.  in bringing together various breeders aiming to
develop the breed.  
Appearance Coat and Color

Bichonpoo's can come in tan, white, brown, tan and white, brown
black and white, , black but any colour is acceptable. Their coat is
coarse, medium long with loose curls[ and have a coat that is more
hypoallergenic than most dogs (a characteristic inherited from the
All Bichonpoos will need grooming as their non-shed coats continue to
grow, but will not shed.


The Bichonpoo does very well in a number of environments, but you
need to cater for a daily exercise of at least half an hour, or a bit more
if it does not have access to a backyard. Poochons inherit a higher
than average intelligence as both parents, particularly the Poodle, are
considered in the top section of intelligent dog breeds.[4] It should be
easy to house-train your Poochon fairly quickly and it will be quick to
learn your nuances.

The Bichonpoo usually has an accommodating nature that will allow it
to fit into most households. A family with young children will suit it
perfectly; existing pets should not be an issue.
Though small in size, they make good watch dogs as they will alert
their owners to unusual or suspicious sounds with a hearty bark.


If Bichonpoos are given the proper training and exercise, they will do
well in an apartment however, they'll need extra space for playing.
Poochons also tend to run back and forth in a hallway to exercise.

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