BREEDER CHOICE PR  

                                 Benefits of using Breeders Choice PR (preferred registration)
  • Ensuring your puppies are registerd with the proper registration status  ie Full or Limited
  • Discounted registration fees for your litter registration and puppy registration
  • No more lost or damaged litter registration papers
  • All of your puppies are registered making you elegible for other promotions
  • Savings on Litter Certificates  and many other services.
  • All information is kept online giving you access to your breeding and client ownership records
  • You can name each of your puppies
  • When each pupppy is sold simply access your account , fill out the form with the new owners information and the
    registration papers will be mailed to the new owner within 5 business days.
  • All information will be accessable on your account page, no hard copy will be mailed.
  • If you wish hard copy for your records you can print information from your account.
  • If you wish hard copy mailed of the litter registration and a detailed list of each puppy individually registered
an additional fee of $45.00 will apply
Litter must be registered with the DBR the litter registration fee is $20.00
  • standard individual registration for each puppy will be $15.00/puppy

                                                         New to BreedersChoice PR?
Please use the form below to sign up. You will be contacted by phone and or email so you may begin accessing your
page and begin registering your litters and individual puppies in that litter.

If you have questions please contact  the registry
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