The Designer Breed registry has a unique  program  that allows both you and your dog  to  obtain
Conformation/Dog Show  and Obedience titles in a stress free and safe environment. Very similar
to the same idea of children and adults getting degrees and homeschooling online The Designer
Breed Registry gives you and your dog a great opportunity to title your dog.There is no traveling
to shows in hot weather, no fees for a professional handler, no hotels, no hours on the road.
What you do need however is a video camera. Your dog is judged on his/her own merit by 3
knowledgeable judges. *
No title is issued unless the dog is deserving.

Championship Title
Issued to Designer Breed and Purebred Dogs registered with the DBR
Merit Champion Title
Purebred Dogs  No Ancestry records and Spayed and Neutered Dogs registered with the DBR

Conformation/Show Title - At the start of the video please state your dogs name, sex and
breed.Please use a show dog lead and show collar.
The dog collars that are recommended are a martingale, rescoe   
Dog collars and dog leashes should be
show collars and show leads.
Baiting your dog with his favorite squeaky dog toy or treat is encouraged, sounds are also great if
your dog shows interest, we are looking for animation while in the stacked position.
(  1  )After you have presented your dog on video in the stacked/stand position he must stand
while the individual with the camcorder takes the front side and rear of the dog (about 30
seconds). Small dogs should be presented on a grooming table or table with non slip footing when
in the stacked/stand position.
(   2    )A video will  also be taken of the dogs movement. Position
the  helper in the center of your area so he will be able to video the movement of the dog from the
side, you and the dog must make a circle while moving around the helper, the circle should be
about 30 feet in diameter.   
(   3   ) the next video of movement  you must have the dog  go away
from the camers in a straight line turn around and come back to the camera in a straight line
stopping about 8 feet from the helper. The dog must stand naturally, do not set the dog up.
(   4   ) Last the helper should zoom in on the dogs mouth while you show the bite.
Have the helper announce:

(   1   ) Set up your dog
(   2   ) Take your dog around once.
(   3   ) Take your dog down and back
(   4   ) Show me the bite please
Video should not be longer than 15 minutes
Please submit your video/DVD with your completed application and $125.00 fee   Click below for
*One of our representatives will call you after your video is viewed and before
the application is processed and you are charged.
Click on the link below for your application check coupon page for savings
                                                          DESIGNER  BREED REGISTRY

                                                                                                              How To Title Your Dog in Conformation