Breeders Elite Program:
To be eligible for the Elite Program individuals must have the following:
  • A 3 generation pedigree from each parent or be eligible for registration  with AKC, UKC, CKC (Canadian Kennel Club)  CKC ( Continental Kennel Club) FCI and
    other recognized registries. If the pedigree/s are ordered by the Designer Breed Registry there is a charge of $25.00 or more depending on the coast per registry.
    for each pedigree needed. If the dogs are registered ACHC the owner must acquire and provide those pedigrees required.
  • If your dogs are not registered or you did not receive the registration papers from the breeder, the breeders name and address must be provided to the registry. The
    registry will not contact the breeder. If you dog.s are on limited registrations you are still eligible for Elite Program. If you have already bred the dogs and wish to
    register their progeny/puppies or individuals from their breeding you must provide Personal Breeding Records. Breeders must  be prepared to email or mail all
    necessary pedigrees to the registry. Breeders who are registering 3rd generation Designer Dogs and litters must also provide documentation of their breeding with
  • All current breeding dogs must also be registered with the Designer Breed Registry   
  • DNA profile and or at least one of the following
  1. Pictures of the dog front both sides and head
  2. Micro chip or tattoo# on file with the DBR

A DNA profile is suggested  but not required for all dogs and bitches being used in  the breeding program
If not DNA profiled  the registry requires at least one of the following
  • Micro chipped
  • Tattooed
  • Pictures of front ,rear both  body sides and head profile and straight on.
Litter registrations will have the information as to the DNA and or Micro Chip information of the sire and dam

Fees and Services Provided
Elite Program- One time $225.00 fee
  • All litter Registrations and individual registrations will show  Elite Status Registration /Elite Registration Nominated
  • All future registrations for breeder owned dogs will be in the Elite Registration Format
  • Private online access to pages with the following
  1. Account history page
  2. Dogs registered page
  3. Litters registered page
  • 12 months at no charge for 3-5 pages on BreederPages

All fees are in US dollars, non refundable and subject to change without notice

Applicants Name:

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Mailing Address:



Zip/Postal Code
Name on Card:

Card Number:


CVS Code
Billing Address:
After your application is submitted the DBR will contact
you for the information requested  as far as
requirements for the program
Paypal Customers please email:
or call 732-256-9415 to request an invoice