BREEDER WEBSITES AND BREEDER LISTINGS
Puppies are always a wonderful addition to our lives, they are all
special, whether they’re a designer breed or purebred

  • DBR BreederPages The buyers choice of the breeder  is just as
    important as what breed of puppy they decide on. The Designer Breed
    Registry believes that breeding, with creating a new breed in mind, is
    best accomplished by responsible breeders who  undertake that
    responsibly seriously. Breeders listed on BreederPages only consider the
    sire and dam/  that are healthy and have good temperament.  When you
    search the DBR BreederPages there is a greater certainty of dealing with
    a reputable breeder.
  • DBR BreederPages there is a greater certainty of dealing with a
    reputable breeder.
  • The breeder can also assure you, the buyer, of what to expect of the
  • DBR BreederPages breeders will have a record of nutrition,
    socialization, a *health record with age appropriate inoculations and
    worming and most importantly care starting day one from our thoughtful
    and very ethical breeders.
  • Parents are registered with the DBR in addition the sire and dam are also
    registered with a DBR recognized registry, thus you can order a
    Certified DBR Pedigree.
  • Responsible breeders work hard instilling the desired characteristics of
    the new breed and producing healthy, well-socialized puppies.
    Responsible breeders are expected to give careful consideration to health
    issues, temperament, and genetic heritage, as well as to the individual
    care and placement of puppies in responsible homes.
Mastador Shihpoo,Pyredoodle,
Labradoodle DeBoar X- North
American Mastiff
de boar x, north american mastiff, labradoodle, goldendoodle,mastador, frenchton, shihpoo