The DBR Foundation Breeders status for breeders of newly formed and accepted breeds

Requirements for the Foundation Breeders Program: Click here for Foundation Breeder Application

The requirements  must be met by the breeder to be assigned the foundation breeder status. Breeders will be notified by the DBR if they are eligible for this status.  
Foundation Breeder Certificate will be issued
Certificate will include in the text area that the breeder is a
Foundation Breeder

The Designer Breed Registry will assign DBR Foundation Breeder status to a breeder whose dogs who meet  the following criteria 1 through 6
1-  Name of the Breed ( must be approved by the DBR)
2 - Information -  naming  
all breeds used,  past and present to create this breed
3 - Registration of current breeding stock.
4 -
3 Generation History of Ancestry/Pedigree is mandatory, the pedigree can be written by the breeder from their own breeding records or provided ( if available from another registry )for a fee by the DBR
History of Ancestry/Pedigree must include:
Names, Breeds, Sex, Color, Applicant must provide the names of the dogs used in at least the first 2 generations
if the name of the third generation dog is unknown it will receive a data base number for pedigree data bases.
The DBR encourages the applicant to actively gather all information possible as to all generations.
Please include the following
if you have the information
Litters produced names of sires and dams, whelping dates  and any  Registries
5 -  Pictures of dogs in ancestry if available. Pictures of current breeding stock
6 - Synopsis of your breeding program and what you expect the breed to become

If you have any questions or unable to provide criteria 1-6  but still wish to register a breed name
contact the DBR
contact the DBR if you are eligible for this status or if you have questions about eligibility.

Fees and Services Provided
Foundation Breeder Program- One time $225.00 fee

  • Private online access to pages with the following
  1. Account history page
  2. Dogs registered page
  3. Litters registered page
  • 12 months at no charge for 3-5 pages on BreederPages
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