Jerrie's Pet Place Frequently Asked Questions
Question: Male or Female
Answer: I think this is a personal preference. Both sexes are extremely intelligent. The temperament and personality is basically the same.

Question: When will my puppy be ready
Answer: Puppies are weaned at 6 weeks of age and are usually ready to be picked up at 7-8 weeks.

Question: Have they had any shots
Answer: Yes, they are given their first round of puppy shots at 6 weeks and have been wormed several times by then.

Question: Are they registered
Answer: Yes, all my dogs can be registered AKC/CKC/DBR and other registries and registration papers are provided to you as soon as we
receive them.

Question: How do I reserve a puppy?
Answer: I will ask you to send a $200 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit. Your puppy is reserved especially for you when the deposit is
received. The balance is required in cash at the time of pick-up.

Question: What method of housebreaking do you recommend?
Answer: The crate method is preferred and is discussed in the booklet given to you with your sample of puppy food.

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