Please read all options before you fill out your application form below
          STANDARD LITTER REGISTRATION FEE- $25.00 (Registration Of Litter With No Options)  Includes one registration paper per puppy

If you wish to register by phone or have any questions email or Call the registry 732-256-9415    9Am-9PM EST


Option 1. Litter Certificate $60.00
  • Litter  Certificate - is a great selling tool for your puppies. Litter Certificates are for litters who can show proof of ancestry either through parents registration or by breeder
    records .A Litter Certificate of Ancestry includes the following when available:
  •   1- Certified Proof of Ancestry for your puppies  
  •   2- Health testing information if available
  •   3 -DNA # if available
  •   4- color and titles if that information is  available.
  •   5- Parents(sire and dam) pictures on Litter Certificate  at no additional charge
Please note you have 10 days to provide the requested information for the Litter Certificate,(exception being Rush, Next Day or Same Day Service)if the
information is not provided the Certificate will be mailed with the information provided on Litter Registration Application. Your Receipt will have the email
address to send all information required.

Option  2. Picture of each  Individual puppy and or paw print on individual Litter Certificate - $30.00 additional charge
All LItter Certificates will have the following
  • Embossed Registry Seal on the front of the certificate
  • Area for innoculation and worming record  for each puppy on the back of certificate
  • breeder notes on back of certificate
Option 3 Litter Certificate with your kennel logo add $60.00 (one time charge) questions please call 732-256-9415 also includes logo on all future litter

Option 4.Puppy Report - $75..00 Individual report on each puppy in the litter or the breeders choice of puppies in the litter
A puppy report is very popular among breeders. A Puppy Report is primarily for breeders whose dogs are not registered but have information on the sire and dam either
through breeder records and or DNA  testing for breed ancestry
  • A Puppy Report will include the all so important overview of each individual puppy's placement in the litter as far as the breeders observation as to the intelligence, ability,
    dog handler attention and energy level. This report can also include past generations.
  • A Puppy Report will also include: picture of sire and dam, picture of specific puppy, any titles, obedience instruction or health testing  that the sire and or dam may have.
    have been completed on the sire and dam ,number and gender of litter mates
  • .Any additional  breeder comments about the individual puppy on back of Report
  • Innoculation and worming record on back of Report
Option 5 puppy report with kennel logo add $60.00 one time charge call the registry 732-256-9415 also includes logo on all future litter registrations

Service Options
1-Rush Service $20.00 - Order will be mailed within 5 business days of DBR receiving and successfully processsing your application information and payment.
2-Next day Service USPS Priority Mail $90.00 - Order will be mailed within 24 hours (Sundays and Holidays excepted) of DBR receiving and successfully processsing your
application information and payment.
  • Note exception for next day services: Registrations submitted after 5PM EST will be processed on the next business day.   weekends and holidays excepted.
3-Same Day Service - $75.00 Your order will be delivered by Website Link or PDF file to your email - available within 12 hours of receiving and successfully processsing your
application information and payment.  
* Priority Mail provides a tracking number can be requested for orders  please call the registry - 732-256-9415

The DBR is not responsible for owner errors when filling out this online registration a correction fee of $15.00 will apply.
  • Once submitted this registration becomes the property of the Designer Breed Registry.

  • All fees are US Dollars, non refundable  fees and formats are subject to change without notice.

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