MASTADOR GRACIOUS GUARDIANS PUPPIES HAVE CERTIFIED ANCESTRY

As a Mastador Foundation Breeder we test and verify that each individual puppy in each generation has the beloved Mastador Temperament,
Lifestyle versatility, and the right amount of affection with the right amount of protection, along with a Health Certificate & Guarantee.
Our Mastadors have a beautiful large head, broad and massive yet not overdone, powerful, agile bodies and the legendary Mastador intelligence and
temperament. Males at full maturity range average 140 pounds but can weigh as much as 175,depending on their  height. Males 30-36 inches,
Females at full maturity average 120 pounds but can weigh as much as 140 or more depending on height. Females 28-32 inches.We will have
puppies due in March 2019 please contact us to reserve your puppy, as our waiting list fills very quickly
The Mastador is not new to the Designer Breed world as they
have been the focus of dedicated Mastador breeding for about 30
The Mastador is considered a giant dog with a lifespan of 8-14
years Mastadors do very well as therapy dogs,search and rescue,
jogging, agility, drugs detection, tracking, guarding and hunting.  
While friendly and outgoing Mastadors do have a protective nature
The Mastadors intelligence, loyalty and dedication are legendary
The Mastador is a great family dog who consider themselves an
important part of the family. Mastadors do not need a great amout
of exercise however regular outside activities with family members
will be fine. The Mastadors short glossy coat does well with a
good daily brushing.