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winter care and travel tips for dogs who may be exposed to hypothermia and frostbite. hypothermia
and frostbite symptoms are easily detected. doghouses should have a southern exposure,
doghouses must have an entrance that is properly sized the doghouse should have a platform and
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The 6 Reasons Dogs Bark
Brandy Arnold
By Brandy Arnold
Posted on Nov 22, 2016

All dogs, with the exception of a few unique breeds, bark.

Despite this fact, many people tend to get irritated when dogs vocalize by barking, usually because
they have little understanding as to why and when dogs bark. Many interpret barking as a negative
sign- that a dog is dominant, aggressive, is poorly behaved, or lacks training.

Because barking dogs are so often misunderstood, the human reaction to a dog’s bark is often
irritability, anger, nervousness – all reactions that are not only counterproductive to silencing a barking
dog, but that can actually make problem barking worse.

In order to effectively address a dog’s barking, owners must first understand why it’s happening.

Table of Contents

Barking is a Form of Communication!
How Dogs Communicate
When Barking is Problematic
Understanding Your Dog’s Barking
The 6 Types of Barking (and how to deal with each)
1. Excitement Barking

2. Warning Barking
3. Fear Barking
4. Guard Barking
5. Frustration Barking
6. Learned Barking
Beyond the Bark: Other Vocal Expressions