Designer Breed Registry, is the only registry that has dog shows for Designer Breeed Dogs,The Designer Breed Registry has both conformation and obedience titles for dog owners who wish to participate a a show or take advantage of  the DBR

                               DOG OF THE YEAR
labradoodle, cockapoo, yorkipoo. The youkie poo is a cross between the yorkie and the poodle the
yorkie poo makes an excellent companion,  The Yorkie poo can be registered with Designer Breed
Registry. Registering designer dogs and how to register designer dogs is an easy process,click on
Designer dog registration, with the designer breed registry is simple and opens the door for many a
reality and some of the popular breeds are the labradoodle Labradooodles are crosses with the
opular breed the goldendoodle is a cross between the golden  retriever and the poodle there are also
opular breed the goldendoodle is a cross between the golden  retriever and the poodle there are also
mini goldendoodles.
The Designer Breed Registry strives to promote excellent canine relations with each community and recognizes the
contirbutions of our amazing canine companions. Since 2000 the Designer Breed Registry has asked for
nominations for
The winner will be announced in December 2018.  

Everyday a dog somewhere in this world is a Hero wheather by just being a childs best friend,  family
companion, service or therapy dog,  police k9,  or a dog serving in the amed forces the list of services
our beloved companions can do is unending and they do it with unconditional devotion. These
countless canines touch the hearts of those who know them or have had their lives changed by them.

Sister, A Bullynger owned by Mr. Jasper Kelley was the 2017 winner, for her story, please click on her

For  2018
Winner will be announced by January 2019 on our homepage
Dogs in the  following catagories will be considered:

Certified In:
Explosive Detection
Drug Detection
Search and Rescue
Service Dogs
Therapy Dogs

Uncertified Dogs who have distinguished themselves
Fire Alert
Saving a Life
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