NORD WACHHUND
Nord Wachhund
Breed Founder: Anita Janecheck


The Nord Wachhund is a smaller sized guardian breed developed in America’s north woods. Influence to this
breed is developed from cattle dogs, collies, shepherds for drive and brains, Staffordshire terrier , American bully
for strength and temperament, and whippet for endurance and speed. This is a working breed designed to be a
lighter smaller sized dog compared to the usual working breeds. This dog is extremely healthy and intelligent.
They are active, loyal and typically one person dogs. These dogs adapt to the family but usually look to one
person for direction. These are not typically children dogs do to a snippy nature and serious attitude for work but
they are absolutely devoted to protecting the family. This dog is developed for size and intelligence, this is a dog
you can easily repel or carry when working.

Temperment and person

Nord Wachhunds “Nords” Are highly intelligent dogs with a serious focused expression. They are active and
have endurance for any work that they are put into. They are always focused on the person giving instructions
and you can see them think. With Nords being designed with work in mind they can do problem solving and
figure different situations out. These dogs will die for you and do anything they are taught. They are talented
guardians and athletic always needing something to do. If this dog is left without a job they can become
destructive with boredom. They are not great with children do to a mouthy nature but supervised can be
excellent family protection.


The Nord Wachhund should have an athletic appearence with straight legs and deep chest. This dog is
designed to move deep chest-ed with good lungs, well proportioned head. The dog should have a long strong
back the follows a slope to the hindquarters. the tail is set low following the slope of the back. tail is long and
hooked if left natural but preferred docked for working.  The face should have moderate stop and medium muzzle
with scissor bite. nose is always black with black lips. eyes are small almond shaped dark colored with black
eyelids. the ears are high set and erect rose bud ears acceptable but not preferred for natural. ears can be
cropped. legs are straight with small paws. Coat is smooth short or medium length never long . The coat should
have a satin smooth feel shiny and healthy with feathering on the hindquarters. acceptable colors are black and
tan  with small amounts of white. white patches that expand past toes muzzle or chest unacceptable. Other colors
are anything solid with small white patches or broken color which is two colors. Unacceptable colors are brindle,
tri color, blue, blue eyes, pink flesh around mouth nose eyes.

Nords are a medium size dog 17“- 22“ at the withers and 35lbs-50lbs. This dog should be sized to where it can
complete most work but yet be easy to handle and lift.


Nords are athletic and should move as an athlete. They have endurance and energy so the dog should be able
to carry itself effortlessly. The dog has a floating trotting gait that can be maintained for long distances. the
animal moves straight and in a sprint bounds quickly and clean with high rate of speed and power. with the dogs
slopping back and hindquarters it is able the have great springing power from the hindquarters and can jump
easily three times it’s height.

Breed application:

The Nord Wachhund is an all around work dog but it’s focused talents are with schutzhund and protection. pound
for pound this smaller dog is strong and fast. They are brave and willing to please able to enter dangerous areas
for searching. These dogs make excellent service animals and can do farm work having a high drive.
Breed Standard written by Anita Janecheck
Standard adopted by the Designer Breed Registry 11/20/2018
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