Requirements for Obedience Titles and tracking Tests/Degrees
The requirements to obtain an Obedience Title are as follows the dog must be registered with the
Designer Breed Registry an application with the required fees must be submitted to the Designer
Breed Registry along with  a video of the necessary exercises completed for the titles you are
submitting for. Youtube upload, Email Video to the registry or send DVD.
At the beginning of the video please state your name, the dogs name and the title/s you will be
exhibiting for on the video. You should have a helper to both video the exercises and call out the
exercises. Dogs must score at least half the points in each exercise to obtain their obedience
Please make sure your dog is proficient in all exercises before you video.

Agility Canine - AC  To apply for this Designer Breed Registry obedience title/s your dog is
required to:
( 1 )
fetch (off lead) and return (ball, toy, dumbell) sit front and release the object when asked  then
go to the heel position
30 pts.
( 2 ) With lead on jump a broad jump that is  1" in height graduating over the span to 6" span is   
twice the body length of the dog (body length measured from base of neck to base of tail)    
20 pts.
( 3 ) With lead on jump a solid jump that is the height of the dog at the back 10 pts.
( 4 ) With lead on jump a pole (mounted on side posts ) that is the height of the dog at the back 15
( 5 )With lead on walk 8' long by 12 " wide plank  that is lifted 8 " off the ground 15pts.
( 6 ) With lead on crawl under a 3' long post that is elevated half the height (measured at the back)of
the dog.
( 7 )With lead on your dog must exit the exercise area walking without pulling and carryting the fetch
object that was used in the first exercise.
Dogs must score at least half of the points in each exercise to pass . Total combined  points  150
Agility Canine Excellent - ACE  All exercises as required in the AC test are done without the lead.

Canine Citizen  - CC  To apply  for this title/s your dog is required to:
( 1 )On lead approach a stranger willingly
( 2 ) With lead on allow the stranger to touch him
( 3 ) With lead on sits quietly while the stranger holds the lead and you walk away ( about 30 feet)
( 4 ) With lead on greets another dog in a well behaved manner.
( 5 )With lead on sits with the stranger for 1 minute while you are out of sight.
Each exercise is worth 20pts. Total  100 pts.
Canine Citizen of Merit - CCM -all exercises done without the lead

Companion Dog Level 1- To apply for this title/s your dog is required to: All exercises done with
lead on
. ( 1 ) heel in a box pattern stopping at each corner
( 2 ) figure 8 around 2 objects or persons start in center of objects which are placed 8 feet apart
begining the exercise in the center with the dog sitting and  stopping in the center ,the dog should sit.
No sniffing or exhibiting interest in the objects/person
( 3 ) With lead on have the dog sit give the stay command go to the end of your lead the dog must sit
stay for 1 minute without breaking.
( 4 )With the lead on the dog must stand for examination. The dog must stand quietly while a strange
runs fis hand over the head and down the back.
( 5 ) Down Stay with lead on ask the dog to go down give the stay command and walk to the end of
your lead in front of the dog, dog must down stay for 3 minutes.
( 6 ) Recall With lead on have the dog sit give the stay command walk to the end of the lead and call
the dog, the dog must come yto you and sit front then go to heel as asked or the dog may come when
called and go directly to the heel position.
20 pts each exercise
Total pts 120
Companion Dog Level 2 -
CD2 Same exercises as CD1  all done without the lead.
Companion Dog Level 3  - CD3 All exercises in CD1 done without lead dog sit is 2 minutes long
down is 3 minutes Recall is done from 30 feet away .Position the dog in a sit stay walk to the other
side of the ring face the dog, call the dog, at the half way point tell the dog to go down, the dog must
go down almost immediately, wait 10 seconds and call the dog to you he may sit front or go directly
to the heel position. points are the same as CD1 and CD2 but 30 points are added for the recall
Total pts 150
For Tracking Test Requirements please take the link TrackingDog-TD and TDE
Tracking Dog - TD and TDETo apply for this title your dog is required to have a harness and a 10
-20 foot lead. Have the helper walk behind you while taking the video. The second person will be the
person who lays the track. Let the dog watch as the track layer leaves the track layer goes out 50
feet, turn the dog in the other direction while the track layer makes a 90 degree right turn and walks
on for another 50 feet and makes a 90 degree left turn place an object for the track layer to hide in or
behind. After waiting until  1 minute after he track layer has hidden ask the dog to seek or find the
person. The dog has  1 minute and 30 seconds to find the track layer.

For Coursing Dog Title, Earth Dog Title,Herding Dog Title  requirements please email or
call the Designer Dog Registry or check back to this  page at a later date.
If you have any questions please
email or call: 732-256-9415