Obedience Titles
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The Designer Breed Registry has a unique program taken from the concept of children and adults
taking online classes/home schooling. No hot or inclement weather to deal with, no endless hours on
the road, and no hotels, no political judge, just you and your dogs standing on their own merit.. You
and your dog are in a healthy, stress free environment. What you do need is a helper and a video
camera to record the excercises necessary to be titled in the class/es of your choice.  

What Obedience Titles does the Designer Breed Registry Offer?
The Designer Breed Registry offers titles/degrees in the following:

*Agility Canine AC
*Agility Canine Excellent - ACE
*Canine Citizen of Merit - CCM
*Canine Citizen of Merit Ex - CCMX
*Companion Dog (first level) - CD1
*Companion Dog (second level) - CD2 (CD1 required )
*Companion Dog (third level) - CD3 (CD1 and CD2 required)
*Coursing Dog - CD Call for information
*Earth Dog - ED Call for information
*Herding Dog - HD
*Tracking Dog - TD TDE

How can I get Obedience Titles on my dog?

Your dog must first be registered with the Designer Breed Registry. If you dog is registered with us
getting your first or one of many titles is simple and stress free.
Submit your video and your application with the required fee of $25.00 for application for
title/degree. If you are submitting applications and video for two or more  obedience titles/degrees
each application for title with a separate video is $25.00,  for instance if your dog is proficient enough
you may want to submit for CCM and CCMX or CCM and CD1at the same time. Please be sure
that your dog is proficient in the exercises that are required and will earn the necessary amount of
points to obtain the obedience title/degree you are seeking.

How do I find out what the requirement are for each title/degree and the necessary amount of points
to pass?

Requirements and points needed to pass are found when you click the link Requirements on the left
side of the page. You can click on the link Obedience Application also on the left side of the page