If you do not see your breed hereplease call the registry to have the breed
added to the list

Poodle x Affenpinscher mix = Affenpoo
Poodle x Afghan Hound mix = Pooghan
Poodle x Airedale Terrier mix = Airedoodle
Poodle x Akita mix = Aki-Poo
Poodle x Alaskan Malamute = Malamoodle
Poodle x American Eskimo Dog mix = Eskapoo
Poodle x American Rat Terrier mix = Rattle
Poodle x Australian Cattle Dog = Cattle Doodle
Poodle x Australian Shepherd mix = Aussiedoodle
Poodle x Australian Terrier mix = Terri-Poo
Poodle x Basset Hound mix = Bassetoodle
Poodle x Beagle mix = Poogle
Poodle x Bearded Collie mix = Beardoodle
Poodle x Beauceron mix = Beauceroodle
Poodle x Belgian Shepherd = Belgian Shepadoodle
Poodle x Belgian Malinois = Malinoodle
Poodle x Belgian Tervuren mix = Tervoodle
Poodle x Bernese Mountain Dog mix = Bernedoodle
Poodle x Bichon Frise mix = Bich-poo
Poodle x Bichon Frise x Poodle x Shih Tzu mix = Daisy Dog
Poodle x Black and Tan Coonhound mix = Black and Tan Coonoodle
Poodle x Black Russian Terrier mix = Russian Doodle Terrier
Poodle x Bluetick Coonhound = Bluetick Coonoodle
Poodle x Bolognese mix = Bolonoodle
Poodle x Border Collie mix = Bordoodle
Poodle x Boston Terrier mix = Bossi-Poo
Poodle x Bouvier des Flandres mix = Flandoodle
Poodle x Boxer mix = Boxerdoodle
Poodle x Briard mix = Bridoodle
Poodle x Brittany Spaniel mix = Brittnepoo
Poodle x Brussels Griffon mix = Broodle Griffon
Poodle x Cairn Terrier mix = Cairnoodle
Poodle x Canaan Dog mix = Candoodle
Poodle x Catahoula Leopard Dog mix = Pooahoula
Poodle x Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mix = Cavapoo
Poodle x Chesapeake Bay Retriever mix = Chesa-Poo
Poodle x Chihuahua mix = Chi-Poo
Poodle x Chinese Crested mix = Chinese Crestepoo
Poodle x Cock-A-Poo mix = Lacasapoo
Poodle x Cocker Spaniel mix = Cockapoo
Poodle x Cocker Spaniel x Golden Retriever mix = Miniature Golden Retriever
Poodle x Collie mix = Cadoodle
Poodle x Corgi mix = Corgipoo
Poodle x Coton de Tulear mix = Poo-Ton
Poodle x Dachshund mix = Doxiepoo
Poodle x Dalmatian mix = Dalmadoodle
Poodle Standard x Doberman Pinscher mix = Doodleman Pinscher
Poodle x English Bulldog mix = English Boodle
Poodle x English Coonhound = English Coonoodle
Poodle x English Springer Spaniel mix = Springerdoodle
Poodle x Fox Hound mix = Foxhoodle
Poodle x French Bulldog = French Boodle
Poodle Standard x German Shepherd mix = Shepadoodle
Poodle Standard x Giant Schnauzer mix = Giant Schnoodle
Poodle x Golden Retriever mix = Goldendoodle
Poodle x Golden Retriever / Cocker Spaniel / Poodle mix = Petite Goldendoodle
Poodle x Golden Retriever / Toy or Miniature Poodle mix = Miniature Goldendoodle
Poodle x Goldendoodle / Labradoodle mix = Double Doodle
Poodle x Gordon Setter mix = Gordondoodle
Poodle x Great Dane mix = Great Danoodle
Poodle x Great Pyrenees mix = Pyredoodle
Poodle x Havanese mix = Poovanese
Poodle x Heeler = Cattle Doodle
Poodle x Irish Setter mix = Irish Doodle
Poodle x Irish Terrier mix = Irish Troodle
Poodle x Irish Wolfhound mix = Irish Wolfoodle
Poodle x Italian Greyhound mix = Pootalian
Poodle x Jack Russell Terrier mix = Jack-A-Poo
Poodle x Japanese Chin mix = Poochin
Poodle x Keeshond = Keeshdoodle
Poodle x Labrador Retriever mix = Labradoodle
Poodle x Labrador Retriever / Cocker Spaniel / Poodle mix = Petite Labradoodle
Poodle x Labrador Retriever / Toy or Miniature Poodle mix = Miniature Labradoodle
Poodle x Lhasa Apso mix = Lhasapoo
Poodle x Malamute = Malamoodle
Poodle x Maltese mix = Malti-Poo
Poodle x Mastiff mix = Mastidoodle
Poodle Miniature x Miniature Australian Shepherd mix = Miniature Aussiedoodle
Poodle x Miniature Pinscher mix = Pinny-Poo
Poodle x Newfoundland mix = Newfypoo
Poodle Standard x Old English Sheepdog mix = Sheepadoodle
Poodle x Papillon mix = Papi-poo
Poodle x Patterdale Terrier = Patterpoo
Poodle x Pekingese mix = Pekepoo
Poodle x Pit Bull mix = Pit Boodle
Poodle x Pomeranian mix = Pomapoo
Poodle x Pug mix = Pugapoo
Poodle x Rat Terrier mix = Rattle
Poodle x Redbone Coonhound = Redbone Coonoodle
Poodle Standard x Rottweiler mix = Rottle
Poodle x Saint Bernard mix = Saint Berdoodle
Poodle x Samoyed mix = Sammypoo
Poodle x Schnauzer mix = Schnoodle
Poodle x Schipperke mix = Schipper-Poo
Poodle x Scottish Terrier mix = Scoodle
Poodle x Shar-Pei mix = Shar-Poo
Poodle x Sheltie mix = Sheltidoodle
Poodle x Shih Tzu mix = Shih-Poo
Poodle x Shiba Inu mix = Poo-Shi
Poodle x Siberian Husky mix = Siberpoo
Poodle x Silky Terrier mix = Poolky
Poodle x Skye Terrier mix = Skypoo
Poodle x Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier mix = Whoodle
Poodle x Standard Schnauzer mix = Standard Schnoodle
Poodle x Tibetan Terrier mix = Ttoodle
Poodle x Toy Fox Terrier mix = Foodle
Poodle x Treeing Walker Coonhound = Treeing Walker Coonoodle
Poodle x Weimaraner mix = Weimardoodle
Poodle x Welsh Terrier mix = Woodle
Poodle x Westie mix = Westiepoo
Poodle x Wirehaired Fox Terrier mix = Wire-Poo
Poodle x Yorkie mix = Yorkipoo
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