Puppies, getting their rounds of vaccinations the correct age and intervals is crucial. So, put
your puppy's vaccine dates on your schedule andask  if your veterinarian office will send you

Necessary vaccines for the first series . Vets and local laws differ a bit about exactly what to
give when so use these tips as guidelines and follow your vet's advice. Ask your veterinarian
which vaccines are age appropriate are 1. Distemper 2. Parvo 3. Corona and 4. Bordatella. 5.
Leptospirosis  6. Rabies

There are rarely side effects to vaccines but there are a few serious ones that you should be on
the outlook for.
Please consult veterinarian  as to side affects when administering multiple vaccines

1.Swelling of face, neck, head or body.

2.Loss of consciousness.


4.Uticaria/Hives, or large swellings anywhere on the body.

5.Difficulty breathing.

6.Disorientation or poor co-ordination.

7. Changes in temperment (Rabies Vaccination  can occur in up to 6 months after vaccination)

It is important to keep your puppy from any situation with multiple dogs or unknown dogs until
he's had his third series of boosters. At the least, keep him away from other canines for five
days after his vaccines, as it takes that long for them to start working. Ignoring this rule could
expose your puppy to viruses that could  have deadly consequences.

          Guide to Puppy Vaccinations