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We have worked and strived for years on our new registered designer breed and it’s been worth the wait!

Many people love bigger dogs.  The Bernese Mountain Dogs bred to Standard Poodles have worked out very
well, being more active, less shedding, longer life spans.

We figured: Why not a more in-line Designer combination?  What could be better than a Bernese with a wavy
PWD?  You don’t have that curly sheepdog appearance.  The PWD puppies look like Bernese  puppies with
the same facial features vs. a poodle with a longer skinny muzzle. They will be much smarter, more active and
agile, far less shedding, longer life spans with far less health issues.  Like the PWD / Bernese, they will be a far
more loving combination and much more willing to please than a doodle and far less hyper.  A Loving Loyal
combination, the Designer Breeding association said will be a fantastic all-round winner.
Bernese Water Dog Profile with characteristics based on a scale of 1-7.
Size                         4
Grooming Needs     4
Exercise Needs       4
Good with Dogs       4
Watchdog Ability      4
Breed Group   Working
Weight             40 to 64 pounds
Height              22 to 25
Color/s             Black with White markings
Overview:        New Designer Breed, very versatile, affectionate, devoted & intelligent.  Half Bernese Mountain
Dog, Half Portuguese Water Dog making them healthier with far less medical issues than the Bernese
Mountain Dogs.  Smaller in size, less shedding, smarter, longer life span, agile and better in the water.
Character:       Very intelligent, loving and wanting to please.  Loyal, calm companions to the entire family.  
Agile and highly, intelligent mixed with funny & mischievous with a striking good-looking appearance.
Temperament:  Super Alert, tolerant, sweet & gentle and extremely fun loving. Not as shy as a BMD.  More
nosey and smarter in nature like the PWD.  Love hiking, swimming, boating and in general just being with you
and being your loyal companion.  Whatever you want to do, they want to do with you.
Care:    Far less shedding.  Brush when needed.  A Puppy/Retriever  cut would be preferable for hot summer
season especially for active water activities since they are far more water loving than even the Bernedoodles.
Far healthier than a Bernese with a longer life span.
Coat:   Beautiful shiny coat with far less shedding than a Bernese Mountain  Dog.
Training : Like most breeds they benefit from early socialization and obedience training and look forward to
pleasing you.  Very smart, nosey and love just being with you.
Activity :    Same as the Portuguese Water Dogs. Love to be active indoors learning new tricks.   Active
outdoors in order to excel in obedience and  agility.  Excellent little travelers.
Parents of both litters with wonderful temperments and Pedigrees.


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