Adult Shih Poo dogs weigh between 10-15 pounds and are between 10-12 inches tall. These toy breeds live longer then the larger The
Shih Tzu characteristic of the Shih Poo is a loving, devoted companion that is always trying to please its owner. These are sensitive dogs
who love being at your side, on your lap and does not like being left alone for a long period of time.
The Toy Poodle characteristic of the Shih Poo requires lots of affection and attention from you each day. Consistency and routines are a
must. Toy Poodles are in the top ten most intelligent dog breeds. Finally, the Toy Poodle is highly recognized as being an “allergy
friendly” or “hypoallergenic” dog due to its low to no shedding.

Exercise is important in your Shih Poo’s life. It needs daily exercise not only to stay healthy, but to burn off energy. The Shih Poo needs
training and exercise daily, not just once a week. Play-time inside and outside and going for walks regularly will be beneficial in helping
your Shih Poo live a long, healthy life.
The Shih Poo is quick to alert you of any strangers or visitors making them excellent, loyal watchdogs. They are playful, active and
friendly to most everyone. They enjoy being the center of attention and are wonderful, devoted family pets.
Frequent grooming is essential for your Shih Poo. Daily brushing is highly recommended to keep your dog’s hair free from mats and
tangles and also prevents dry, flaky skin. The Shih Poo owner can give their pup a bath at home, but after the age of 6 months,
professional grooming is the best choice. Always keep the Shih Poo’s ears and eyes dry and clean. Trim only the tips of their nails often.
Weekly dental care is necessary to prevent dental disease and tooth loss.
Small/Toy breed dogs such as the Shih Poo DO NOT handle extreme weather temperatures well. Always do your best to keep them
cool in the summer and warm in the winter. A dog sweater is a great idea during the winter. NEVER leave Shih Poo alone in your vehicle
Small/Toy breed dogs such as the Shih Poo DO NOT handle extreme weather temperatures well. Always do your best to keep them
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A healthy, pet quality Shih Poo puppy
Assistance in helping you select a Shih Poo puppy based on its personality along
with your family needs. all at a fair price.
Guidance in the event that a health issue arises. Items such as providing the phone
number to our Vet and information on purchasing for example Purina Care Health
Insurance for your Shih Poo. (Health Insurance must be in place prior to any health
Important information on Shih Poo puppy care and nutrition.
Names of individuals we recommend for training, grooming, pet sitting and nearby
Each of the Shih Poo puppies goes home with a “puppy care package” which

Small blanket with smells of “Mommy”
Micro chip implanted and registered with HomeAgain for permanent identification
Health/Vaccine Records
Folder including several Puppy Care Tips and Articles
Easy, healthy recipes for your Shih Poo puppy
Several photos of your pup before 8 weeks of age
Registration papers for your puppy
One Year Healh Gurantee
Vet signed and verified health letter

"More often than not, we receive numerous inquiries about upcoming litters and end
up with a waiting list. This could be because of the time and effort spent making sure
all of our dogs and puppies are legitimately registered. We ask that you contact us
first. When you come to pick
                                              DESIGNER BREED REGISTRY
                                                            SHIH POO