WV Dachshunds.

My name is Aimee Hively and here's a little bit of history on why my family loves this wonderful breed "The Dachshund " .
The Matriarch of our family was Norma Lee Gatens who always had a deep love for  Dachshunds, she had 4 red Dachshunds over her
time....all named John for the exception of a mini red Dachshund named Josie, she was the sweetest girl in the world.   
I rekindled the flame a few years ago when my husband and I  adopted a puppy by the name Darla and since then our little wiener colony
has grew and grew. Today we have 3 Generations bringing wiener love to Southern WV.
My sister, mother and I have started a Facebook called. "WV Dachshunds " We have many different coats and colors to choose from , just
depends on your personal preferences.  We have a very small breeding program that we take pride in. All of our dogs and puppies are
hand raised in our homes and our apart of our families!
This is extremely important to us and won't have it any other way. One of our main goals is to place our puppies in forever homes.  

Contact information :    Aimee Hively 304-545-4575
                                                           DESIGNER BREED REGISTRY
                                                          WV DACHSHUND PUPPIES ARE ELITE REGISTRATION NOMINATED