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The spirits who lived at the bottom of the Great Lakes required sacrifices of certain colored dogs bound with legs and muzzles tied and thrown into the water so the
angry gods would be appeased and fishing and traveling on the waters would be good and safe for the peoples. In 1709 it was observed that the tribes of the Great
Lakes region would leave their villages nestled along the banks of rivers and lakes to go far inland to winter with their numerous dogs. These dogs are of the large sort,
with bodies of a wolf and heads and ears of those of a fox.


Their name also occurs as Ojibway and Chippeway, but they are not to be confused with the Chipewyan.
The Chippewa used dogs for hunting and to pull travois. In most tribes the women cared for, bred and trained the dogs for drags and sled pulling. The toboggan,
introduced after the Conquest, soon became the universal form of winter transport form the St. Lawrence to the Mackenzie River.