Please check the registration options you wish on the registration  form below
Platinum Package - $135.00 includes Certificate of Registration, 8.5 x 11 deluxe papers your dogs picture on registration papers, embossed seal on
registration papers, Picture of your dog. Your dogs picture can be updated within 12 months of registration.
Gold Package - $95.00 includes Certificate of Registration 8.5 x 11, Deluxe 4 Generation Pedigree with embossed registry gold seal, picture of your dog or
breed likeness
Silver Package -  $75.00 includes Certificate of Registration 8.5 x 11, Deluxe 3 Generation Pedigree embossed registry seal, picture of your dog or breed
Bronze Package - $65.00 includes Certificate of Registration 8.5x11, picture of your dog and embossed registry seal. Formal framable registration with head
and body shot of dog.
Elite Package - $55 includes Certificate of registration 8.5 x 11 picture of your dog(headshot) embossed registry seal
Deluxe Registration papers - 35.00  includes Certificate of Registration 8.5 x 11 Embossed Registry Seal.

Pedigree - 3 generation $35.00
Pedigree - 4 generation $45.00
Picture Of Dog on Pedigree - additional $30.00 (If dog is under a year old one updated picture at no charge)

Rushed Service - additional fee of 30.00  Your Registration will be processed within 5 business days and mailed Priority Mail
Same Day Service - additional fee of 65.00 Your Registration will be processed and registration papers will be Emailed by the next business day.
if received by  6 PM EST otherwise it will be emailed by 10 AM EST the next day.
For all other fees and services please take the fees and services link above

All registrations, information and  pictures submitted  become the property of the Designer Breed Registry
All Fees Are In US Dollars, Non Refundable And Subject To Change Without Notice

If you wish to register by phone please call the registry 732-256-9415  
If you wish to register through email: Please email your request for a form to fill out and return by email  

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Payment accepted Credit or Debit Card PayPal or PayPal Invoicing
I understand and agree that all orders are custom and nonrefundable. All applications are charged at current fees at time of processing. I agree to
pay the total amount billed according to card issuer agreement.
Information submitted on application is the sole responsibility of the individual(s) submitting the information
Processing time for payment from receipt of application: up to 72 hours
The Designer Breed Registry will not be liable for any errors or illegibility made by applicant on litter applications submitted, application errors by
the applicant the
DBR will charge an additional $15.00 for correction.
Errors by the Designer Breed Registry are corrected at no charge if the registry is notified within 30 days of issue date, after which there will be an
additional fee for the correction  
Once an application is submitted it becomes the property of the DBR and will not be returned.  
All Fees are in US Dollars, are non refundable and subject to change without notice.
All formats for registration papers and pedigrees.are subject to change without notice
Once your submitted application has been approved for DBR registration all of your dogs information will be entered into the DBR database.
You can also include and health testing or titles your dog may have.
*Registration once submitted with the correct information and appropriate fee your registration papers will be mailed to you within 10-15 business
days.Missing or illegible information
on your application and or declined funds can further delay processing.