Jerrie's Pet Place Puppy Tips
Instructions for Tiny and Toy Breed Puppies:

1.) When you take your puppy home, do not stop at rest areas to let your puppy out to potty. Bring some puppy pads with you along the trip.
You do not know if there have been sick dogs within the area. You can purchase the pads from Wal-Mart.

2.) Do not use a collar, the bones in the puppy’s neck are still soft and a collar could hurt them. Please use a harness until your puppy is about five months old.

3.) Your puppy is a baby, treat it like one. Make sure it is eating and drinking on regular basis. Use bottled water until your puppy gets used to your water slowly
make this change. In the morning for about a week mix about two tablespoons of the dry food with warm water, stir it around and give it to the puppy. Leave wet and
dry food down at all times for the puppy to eat anytime it wants. No can food or table
scraps. Your puppy needs regular naps and down time just like a baby.

4.) No Puppy Classes or Obedience class until your puppy has received all four parvo shots. Do not socialize your puppy with other dogs that you do not know that
are safe. Safe means that the dogs are up to date on all shots and boosters.

5.) Keep your puppy dry and warm, remember when your feet are cold your puppy is cold. Your puppy has never probably touched grass before you get it. Your
puppy has been raised within a environment of seventy degrees inside a house and is not used to the cold. So be sure to break it in gradually. Let is play with the kids
for a while, and then let it rest a while by his or herself so that they can calm down and eat or drink. If not this can run into the problems of low blood sugar.

6.) Watch for stress in your puppy or loose stools. All puppies stress when going to a new home. Be sure to report it to your vet if it does get a loose stool. If you have
children and the puppy is playing a lot, put one teaspoon of honey in each cup of water. This will help its blood sugar from getting to low.

7.) Do not let the puppy on the bed, couches or chairs unattended. It could fall and break its leg or worst. Our suggestion is “ If it can’t jump up there, it doesn’t
belong.” Small children should play with the puppy sitting on the floor.

Making your home safe for your puppy:

1.) Keep house hold cleaners away from your puppies areas at all times.

2.) Perfumes, colognes, deodorants.

3.) Medications, vitamins.

4.) Electric cords

5.) Chocolate

6.) Some house and garden plants including ivy, Oleander and Poinsettia

7.) Antifreeze

8.) Slug bait

9.) Fertilizers

10.) Mouse and rat poison – just be watchful over your puppy anything you can pick up they can as well.

Puppy essentials:

1.) Food bowl and food

2.) Water bowl

3.) Harness

4.) Leash

5.) Id tag

6.) Bed

7.) Crate, carrier, exercise pen, or pet gate

8.) Toys

9.) Grooming tools - We have worked hard raising a healthy and happy puppy for you. These are just a few tips for you to go by. Your puppy has received one parvo
shot that does not mean it is immune to parvo. Please be sure that your puppy gets all four parvo shots. Parvo is the number one killer of puppies. Remember, I am just
a phone call away.

Additional Instructions

Feeding instructions: Use your choice of dry and wet dog food, preferably puppy food. Mix the dry and wet food at a 50/50 ratio. In about 90 days start feeding dry
food only. Make sure the puppy has food and water close at all times.

Rest: Make sure your puppy gets plenty of rest. Don’t let him or her play for too long of periods of time. Fifteen minutes should be the maximum for handling and play
for the first 2 weeks. Leave them alone so they will rest and eat, while you are with them his/her attention will be on you and not caring for itself.

Lethargic: If your puppy becomes lethargic, give it 3 teaspoons full of honey, karo syrup, or maple syrup. This will help raise the puppy’s blood sugar level. If
symptoms continue call or take the puppy to the vet immediately.

Sleeping and Living Conditions: Give your puppy a clean, dry, and warm place to sleep. These little guys like to sleep on something soft.

They also like to burrow themselves in covers.
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