All dogs participating in the Obedience Certification program must be registered with the DBR.  If your dog is not registered with
the DBR you may submit an individual application for registration with the required fee along with this application. All video can be uploaded on
Youtube, DVD or emailed to the registry.
Applications and any video through any venue become the property of the Designer Breed Registry. Certificate will be issued within 3 weeks of
submission. Once your video has been approved any and or all fees are not refundable. All decisions of judges are final. Video should
not be longer than 30 minutes.
A Certificate with an accompanying ribbon is issued with each title approved.
CD 1-2-3 can be applied for on one application with highest title being the one exhibited in video.
Please print clearly
Check the title you are applying for see fee schedule and link for requirements for titles at bottom of page:
(   )CD 1    (   )CD2    (   )CD3    (   )CC   (   )CCM    (    )TD   (   ) AC   (   )ACE   
Breed:                                                                                 Registration#                           Date of Birth                M       F
_______________________________________ ________________________ ______/_____/________ [   ]    [   ]
Tattoo or Microchip# if applicable                                                                     Name of Dog:
_______________________________________ ____________________________________________________
Owners Name:                                                                            Co Owners Name:
_________________________________________________ ___________________________________________
Address:                                                                     City                                          State/Country
______________________________________   _______________________ _____________________________
Postal/Zip                                               Phone #                                                Email
:__________________   ____________________________  ____________________________________________

Best time to call______________ One of our representatives will call you after the judges view your video
Method Of Payment:    
(   ) Credit Card   (   )PayPal(   )Check   (   ) Money Order                                           Total Fee: $____________as stated below   

Name on credit card(please print):______________________________________________________________
Credit Card #                                                                                                       Exp.Date                  cvs code
___________________________________________________________                _____/_____/_____ ____________
Cardholder Signature below authorizes this charge


Fees For Testing are as follows PLEASE see the link or for requirements for each title:



                                                              Please mail video/DVD and payment to:                                  
                                                                        Designer Breed Registry
                                                                                PO Box 238
                                                                       Barryton, Michigan  49305

                                                                      Copy and paste or print page
Obedience Title Application
CD 1 - Companion Dog Level 1 - $60.00      
CD 2 - Companion Dog Level 2 - $60.00   
CD 3 - Companion Dog Level 3 - $60.00   
CD 1-3 Companion Dog Levels Combined with video
highest title applied for -$160.00  
A Certificate will be issued for each title 1 rosette for

CC - Canine Citizen - $60.00    
CCM - Canine Citizen of Merit - $60.00    
CC+ CCM + CD1+2 Combined - $220.00  
A Certificate issued for each title 1 rosette for
AC - Agility Dog $60.00
ACE - Agility Dog Excellent $60.00
combined $110.00
Submit video with highest level
applied for. A certificate will be issued
for each title. 1 rosette for combined
TD- Tracking Dog - $65.00